Witness a revolution in colour accuracy with the LG Nano Cell TV

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LG’s Nano Cell TVs are designed to show accurate colours from any angle – wherever you are in the room.

Nano Cell displays are designed to maintain excellent picture quality consistently even at angles of 60 degree. Other LCD TVs with narrower viewing angles suffer from image degradation. This essentially means you’ll see faded colors and even the omission of some visual content when the screen is viewed at an angle of more than 30 degrees.

Naturally, if you can’t see the colours properly because of the viewing angle, you’re not getting the full colour range from your LCD TV; many TVs claim you can see billions of colours, but that might only apply if you’re sitting facing the very centre of the TV. That’s why the LG Nano Cell TV has been designed with other viewing angles in mind, so you can see LG’s Billion Rich Colors from wider angles.

So thanks to LG’s 3rd-generation 2017 Super UHD TVs with Nano Cell technology, your friends and family can be seated across the width of the room but still be able to experience the same range of colours.

Of course this uniformity is especially good for live sport and recently LG staged the LG Nano Cell Super Match, pitting Steven Gerrard and Adam Lallana against one another in a shootout which over 140 million people have viewed online. Check out the video:

The success of the Super Match hinged on LG’s experimental arena, which demonstrated how LG Nano Cell TVs boast accurate colours from any angle.

The video shows Gerrard and Lallana aiming the ball at small, numbered squares on a screen positioned at a 60 degree angle from the footballers (that’s the angle we mentioned above, you see).

 The uniquely designed pitch was split in half and divided by a dual-sided screen, which displayed a range of numbers indicating point values with alternating plus and minus signs. During the challenge, both Gerrard and Lallana had difficulty achieving high scores on the side equipped with displays of a conventional LCD TV because they could not correctly read the positive and negative signs on the screen.

See everything with LG’s 3rd-generation 2017 Super UHD TVs featuring LG Nano Cell technology.


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