LG G4 said to be coming with a 3K display

Based on a leaked spec sheet, the G3 successor may boast ground-breaking visuals

The latest rumour making the rounds claims the upcoming LG G4 will land with an insane 3K display.

Plenty of cool things are expected from the LG G4, but a 3K display just isn't one of them. Although a new rumour claims otherwise, suggesting that LG is pulling out all the stops on its latest flagship.

The MyLGPhones website got hold of a Verizon specification sheet for a device with model number LG-VS999. They believe the device could be the LG G4, considering that the previous LG G3 had the model number LG-VS985 for the Verizon model.

Take it with a pinch of salt however, as the “trust worthy tipster” who passed on the document could easily have forged it. If official however, the G4 could be coming with a hefty 3K display.

The document claims the G4 will have a screen resolution of 1620x2880, which would shoot the new flagship to the top of the list when it comes to screen specs.

Adding further fuel to the fire is the fact that a similar rumour was posted on forum.hardware.fr, again claiming the G4 would boast a 1620x2880 screen resolution.

Would a 3K phone screen be necessary? Probably not. Would we want one? Erm, yes. That's if LG have the battery to support such a charge-chugging display.

We may have got our first look at the LG G4 at CES, although the upcoming handset is expected to officially debut at Mobile World Congress next month.