LG commits to plasma television

TV maker has no plans to pull production after Panasonic quits

LG has confirmed that it will continue to sell plasma televisions, despite Panasonic's decision to pull out of the market.

In a statement, the Korean electronics manufacturer said that it has no plans to pull out of the plasma market. However, LG did confirm that it was keeping a close eye on other technologies.

LG believes that LED and OLED represent the future of home entertainment and provide a spectacular viewing experience,” the company said in a statement.

Panasonic announced that it will stop making and selling plasma televisions. It will make the last new unit in December with all operations ending in March 2014.

Plasma televisions have long been preferred by TV aficionados. That is because plasma televisions provide truer blacks and faster refresh rates. That makes it the television of choice for movie and sports fans.

However, they have gone out of fashion with the general public as electricity bills have soared. Plasmas also tend to have a much higher electricity consumption than LED and OLED televisions – sometime as much as seven times more.

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