Is Musto's Snug PrimaLoft the ultimate urban commuter warm wear?

And yet it’s so light you can easily scrunch it up and stuff it in a bag should you need to

The new Snug PrimaLoft jacket from Musto (£150) is a no-nonsense, no frills lightweight jacket, for the type of person that doesn’t want to be befuddled by hidden pockets and pull-out hoods, or weighed down by heavy, over the top, Arctic wear.

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We’ve been snuggling in this jacket for about three weeks now, commuting on a daily basis to work and back, and we’ve been impressed by how lightweight, yet warm the PrimaLoft is. In fact, it’s so light you can easily scrunch it up and stuff it in a bag should you need to.

In terms of style, it’s quite a bright shade of blue, with contrasting orange zips, which we thought initially was a bit garish, but the colour has really grown on us, and certainly makes a change from the traditional black jacket. And, on the practical side, should you ever fall in a canal, you’ll be very visible from dry land! 

As we said, it’s quite basic - there are no inside pockets and it lacks a hoodie, so you’ll need a hat or umbrella if it rains, but equally, that means you’re not encumbered with lots of material around your neck when not wearing the hood. 

This is a kind of ‘grab and go’ jacket, where you’ll be able to find your keys quickly, because there are literally nowhere for them to be hidden away.

We’ve stashed our car keys in the outside pockets, along with an iPhone, headphones and change, and nothing has ripped or pulled so far. 

The Musto range might have once been designed to keep sailors warm at sea, but this stylish modern jacket is perfect for today’s urban commuter who needs to brave the elements on their way to work. 

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