Iron Man says the Apple Watch sucks

And Robert Downey Junior isn't the only member of the Avengers cast to not be impressed

Considering he plays probably the most gadget-laden person in the whole Marvel universe, you might think Robert Downey Junior would like the Apple Watch. But you'd be wrong.

Asked by AP if he would buy the device, he replied: "I'm alright." He went on to condemn the timepiece and other Apple products, and the hype that surrounds them.

"Every time they make one of these announcements, I go 'that's the device that's going to enslave us'. But in fact, I was kind of like, it looks kind of small, I like my watch. I like this Omega. I don't think I need another Apple product."

Of course he has appeared in adverts for Apple rival HTC. Avengers: Age of Ultron is also full of Samsung phones and tablets, Audis, and – in possibly the most blatant piece of product placement ever committed to screen – Gillette razors. So maybe he's doing what a good actor does and sticking to the script.

He's not the only cast member to not be taken in by Apple Watch hype. When asked about the device, Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Scarlett Witch, replied: "What's an Apple Watch?"

After the interviewer described the device, she said: "So it's like the smallest screen in the world?" And her co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays Quicksilver, chimed in: "Oh, so it's like the Samsung..." They're well briefed, you've got to give them that.

Olsen went on: "That's so weird. No, I'm not a fan of that. No. It sounds so stupid. Have a phone be a phone and have a watch be a watch. I like technology for health improvement. I like technology for how to like preserve our planet better. I don't like technology for like quicker information faster. That's just too overwhelming for me."