iPhone App News: Brian Blessed launches alarm clock

Success of satnav means national treasure will help you rise on time

Legendary thespian Brian Blessed has followed up his successful TomTom voice over gig with a dedicated alarm clock for iPhone, complete with barking instructions to get you out of bed. Gordons Alive! Whatever next?

If you're currently a little tired of the same old piercing alarm awakening you slumber then how about the booming voice of celebrated British actor Brian Blessed to ease those Monday morning blues.

Blessed, famous for his role as Richard IV in the original Black Adder as well as a host of kingly roles in Shakesperian productions on stage and screen, recently provided the voice for the TomTom range of satnavs following a Facebook campaign from fans.

On the back of that success, Blessed has offered his services for the Brian Blessed Alarm Clock, which is a £1.89 download from the App Store.

The app features a "shocking misuse of the Bard" as it motivates you to "Stiffen the Sinews and Summon up the Blood" get your lazy rear end out of the pit. If that doesn't work, he may start to berate you or even sing you a jovial song.

The app itself features an animated version of the national treasure. If you touch the sun, you can instantly hear a random alarm call, while touching the moon will summon Brian to guide you gently off to speak. The display will also follow the cycle of the moon.

Chris Smith

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