iPhone alarm glitch returns following UK clock change

iOS updates fail to rectify iPhone alarm issues

Apple's smartphone alarm falls foul of clock change

Apple has once again left iPhone users running late for work as the smartphone's alarm glitch returns following the one hour switch in UK clocks in accordance with British Summer Time.

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As UK clocks made the one hour forward jump in the early hours of Sunday morning, iPhone users have today found themselves running late for appointments after their Monday morning alarms engaged an hour late.

Whilst other iPhone users have reported alarms going off an hour earlier than hoped, some have claimed their handsets simply failed to run the programmed alarms.

Having first caused issues when the clocks moved back late last year, Apple's iPhone users were also struck by alarm failures at the start of the New Year, with American owners reporting problems when clocks moved forward Stateside earlier this month.

Said to affect single alarms set within the handset's calendar application as opposed to the device's dedicated alarm app, Apple has repeatedly said it would amend such issues. Those facing the problems are urged to delete and replace their preset alarms and restart their handsets.

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Via: BBC