HTC Sensation with Ice Cream Sandwich video

Early developer build of ICS update shown in video

This month has seen a slew of videos showing the latest smartphones with their upcoming Android 4.0 updates, HTC can now join that gang with the Sensation

A video has been posted showcasing the HTC Sensation Ice Cream Sandwich update and also the latest version of HTC's Sense UI 3.5 confirming that HTC is close to releasing its own ICS update into the wild.

Getting hands-on with the device was tech site Recombu who were able to have a play with the HTC Sensation running a developer build of the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Showcasing more the design of the Sense UI rather than any of the software features it looks as though HTC have completely hidden Ice Cream Sandwich within their own Sense 3.5.

Of course it's hoped that by the time the update arrives Sense 4.0 will be available offering up perhaps a better more hybrid mix of both HTC's designs and Ice Cream Sandwich's vanilla features.

HTC Sensation features

Boasting a dual-core processor and large 4.3 inch screen the HTC Sensation has unofficially become the flagship handset in the UK for HTC. Featuring a front-facing camera it should also then be able to support face-unlock, one of the new security features found on Ice Cream Sandwich letting the phone unlock a phone by using face-recognition technology.

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HTC Sensation with Ice Cream Sandwich

Source: Recombu