HTC and Spotify Mood Player matches tunes to your mood and also your face

Use your feelings and your visage to create the ultimate playlist

Having a playlist that perfectly matches your current mood can make listening to music an even more incredible experience, and now smartphone maker HTC has joined forces with music streaming giant Spotify to do all the hard work for us, so we can just sit back and enjoy the tunes.

The HTC Mood Player, which can be accessed through the web browser of your mobile device, your desktop PC or laptop, or through an ad in Spotify allows you to snap a selfie and upload it to the website for it to be analysed.

By using clever technology created by SkyBiometry, it can detect your facial expression and assign you a mood, such as peaceful, stressed, angry, cool, amazed and fed up.

Once your mood has been detected, Spotify will take over and line you up a mood-specific playlist filled with top tunes from its massive library.

So we used this image.

Pretty angsty, right?

And we got this playlist, which is indeed pretty angsty, with the epic complaint rock of Arcade Fire tailed by The Doors vintage moping, Sonic Youth's avant garde elegy to the sister of 'an old friend of mine', who is, alas, 'out of her mind'. And then there's AFI, whoever they are.

Different moods

The sliders you see below let you adjust the mood of the playlist, and you can also choose to invert the mood entirely, so if you're sad, you can go for a happy playlist that will perk you right up.

Alex Underwood, Spotify's VP, Head of Global Agency & Partnerships said: “At Spotify we love working with partners that provide, or enable, music fans with the opportunity to create the best listening experience possible. The HTC Mood Player, which matches music to your mood wherever you are, is a truly innovative and ground-breaking way of doing this.”

The HTC Mood Player is launching alongside the HTC Desire 626 smartphone. So the idea here is that HTC is pushing how good the camera is in this budget device - letting you accurately capture your moods so Spotify can serve up even more accurate playlists.