House of Cards Season 2 now available on Netflix

Award-winning political drama with Kevin Spacey returns

House of Cards is back on our screens with Kevin Spacey returning as the Machiavellian politician who will stop at nothing to climb up the ladder

House of Cards Season 2 is now available to watch on Netflix. The award-winning first season has since become the cherry on top of Netflix's year of success gaining awards and critical acclaim.

The new season continues with Kevin Spacey reprising the role of Frank Underwood, a truly Machiavellian politician who, with the help of his partner in crime wife Robin Wright, will stop at nothing to climb the political ladder in Washington.

As is tradition with Netflix the entire season is available to watch now so whether you're a drip feeder or an all-in-one watcher the choice is yours.

Netflix recently announced that House of Cards would be one of the first seasons it would make available in Ultra High-Definition. The series, which was shot in 4K, would become available on select 4K Smart TVs later in the year.

In an effort to try and combat Netflix's already growing library of original content Amazon recently unveiled its next set of pilots which includes new Sci-Fi show After from X-Files legend Chris Carter.

Viewers then watch the shows and vote on which ones they like most with the winners then being commissioned for a full series.