Here is how you get the most bucks for your iPhone

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This story is brought to you by Decluttr and is for our American readers only.

With Apple expecting to launch the most expensive iPhone to date, get the most for your cell phone.

Every year for the past 10 years, Apple has wowed the world with its iPhone cell phones and this year, several sources have hinted that this year’s models - the iPhone 8 and probably the iPhone 8 Plus - will be the most expensive and the most exciting ones as well.

Guess what? Popular online recycling company Decluttr offers the most money for your iPhone, whether it is working or not. Yes, they will take back working or faulty devices - with or without original accessories - at the best price on the market. 

And thanks to their fast next day payments - either to your bank or PayPal - you won’t have to wait long before you get money. Decluttr also pays via check if that’s more convenient and you will usually get paid only one working day after your phone has been received and checked.

A totally free service

Unlike private selling sites and other buyback services, Decluttr doesn’t charge anything to sell your phone. That’s right, there are no hidden seller fees, no bank charges, not even postage fees and definitely no auction fees to worry about.

Best of all, they will pay for your shipping; to send your phone, all you need to do is attach the prepaid shipping label to the box that contains your cell phone (just make sure it is well packed).

Decluttr may revalue an item based on its condition once it has been sent to them. However, they won’t change their initial offer – which you get instantaneously online - if you don’t send your item straight away (up until the 24-day limit).

That’s what they call their Tech Price Promise: should your offer change after the assessment, they will return the phone for free, at their cost, to you with no further obligations. They can of course accept the revised offer.

Compare that to the hassle and the worry of selling privately: having to pack your cell phone, take pictures, write a listing, wait for the auction to finish, wait for your account to be credited, post the item and hope that you haven’t been scammed or hit by negative feedback.

All this before the all-too-common disappointment of being hit by the triple whammy of paying one charge to the payment processor, one listing fee and postage.

A fresh new approach

Another advantage Decluttr holds compared to some competitors is that it pays in hard cash, not credit, giving you the freedom to spend as you see fit. So you are not stuck with your carrier for example as you would if you opted for a less rewarding buyback scheme .

It is a little industry secret worth sharing: independent reports have shown that current iPhone buyback plans from the four main network carriers are heavily lopsided against the customer.

Sure, you will get a new iPhone when you swap in your old iPhone but not only are you restricted (you can’t swap in an iPhone SE), you will also have to sign for a new two-year contract or pay the full cost of the device.

Decluttr pay the most for iPhones, the fastest, whatever the condition, with or without original accessories. They’ll give you a guaranteed, instant price and pay you the day after your phone arrives.

It’s far more reliable than selling your phone privately, and you’ll get a much, much better deal than using a carrier buyback scheme.

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