Grab these 5 star soundbar deals before Amazon Prime Day ends

Grab your dream soundbar at a discount today

Soundbar deals
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A soundbar can be a great all-in-one alternative to filling your living room with separate speakers. You don't need to compromise on sound quality either with the best soundbars being a veritable treat for the ears.

This Amazon Prime Day we've seen great deals on so many different products, and whether you've picked up a new TV for a great deal or are finally fed up of lacklustre audio, these are the best soundbar deals we've seen. Today is the last day of Prime Day offers as well so act fast.

It can be tricky to plump for a sound bar without hearing it first but rest assured all of these products sound amazing. In fact, all of these bars come highly recommended by us with stellar 5-star reviews. Whether you're more of a gamer, a Netflix binger or a plain old music lover, a top soundbar will undoubtedly improve your experience. 

Sonos Beam (Gen 2): was £499

Sonos Beam (Gen 2): was £499 now £448 on Amazon
Sonos products hardly ever go on sale, and for good reason. We rank the Beam (Gen 2) as the best soundbar for most people. Compact, stylish but still delivering that standout Sonos performance, it's hard to beat. 

YAMAHA SR-C20A: was £239

YAMAHA SR-C20A: was £239 now £129 on Amazon
The best budget soundbar on the market, just became an even easier sell. Whether you're looking for a main room workhouse or a bedroom TV  booster, the YAMAHA SR-C20A is a brilliant choice with a balanced sound and compact design.

Samsung Q990B: was £1299 now £849 on Amazon

Samsung Q990B: was £1299 now £849 on Amazon
This T3 Award-winning product has a very tasty 35% off. If you've got the space for the rear speakers and subwoofer, we reckon the Dolby Atmos surround sound on this soundbar is unmatched. If you want to bring the cinema to your house, this is the soundbar for you.

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