Google Maps could get a great upgrade that electric car owners will love

Making charging even easier

Porsche Macan EV interior
(Image credit: Porsche)

A new filter has been spotted in Google Maps' code that lets you search for only charging points that feature Plug and Charge technology. In a compatible vehicle, you no longer need to use an app or subscription card to charge up.

Driving an electric car is all the fun of being out on the open road without the guilt of 1. harming the planet and 2. spending ungodly amounts on fuel. While you won't have to bear the perils of the petrol station again, you will however experience a new kind of inconvenience at EV chargers. 

One of the layers of faff however has been removed with the introduction of Plug and Charge stations. These power points don't need an app or charging subscription card to use, as the name suggests you can just plug in and charge and pay using the in-car systems. 

So where does Google Maps come in? Well, as discovered by Android Authority the latest update to Google Maps for Android lets users filter for only chargers that have Plug and Charge capabilities. Particularly handy I would say, if your phone is dead or it's raining. 

The only issue? Not all electric cars currently support Plug and Charge, although some vehicles from Audi, Porsche and Mercedez currently do.

Lotus EV charger

(Image credit: Lotus)

Of course, this latest update won't magically manifest more chargers (with or without Plug and Charge) but it could be useful when planning longer journeys. Now let's hope it is adopted more widely. Google Maps currently only really has filters for chargers that are high speed (i.e. over 50kW) and to search by connector type, so any further information is appreciated. You wouldn't appreciate your diesel car being directed to a station that only had petrol pumps and the same logic applies here.

If you're thinking about an electric car, check out our guide to the best electric cars, the environment and your wallet might thank you. Of course, it's always going to be cheaper to charge at home, so investing in one of the best home EV chargers will pay for itself. 

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