We're in love with this gold iPhone X

But why didn't Apple make an official one?

Apple announced the iPhone X in two colourways, Space Gray or Silver (Stainless Steel), which isn't good news for fans of Apple's Gold or Rose Gold variants. 

Enter Ten², which will plate your Silver iPhone X in 24ct Gold.

Yep, someone found a way to make iPhone X even more expensive.

Now in the past, gold plated iPhones have always lacked a certain subtlety. They were downright tasteless.

But it turns out Apple's most expensive iPhone ever is the perfect device to receive the gold plating treatment.

It begs the question, why didn't Apple release a gold iPhone X Edition (similar to the Apple Watch Edition), and charge £10,000 for it?

The iPhone X just looks right with the glamourous gold edges, check it out in Dom Esposito's YouTube video below:

There are a few drawbacks. Firstly, Ten² can only do this with the Silver iPhone X at the moment. We'd love to see the Space Grey model plated as well.

Secondly, you'll need to remove the gold plating if you take your iPhone into Apple for repair, as it probably voids warranty.

Still, they are small prices to pay for such a stunning transformation.

The service costs $399 (around £399) and includes fully insured two-day shipping, 60 day warranty on our plating, $150 plates for touchups, and a tempered glass screen protector and rear film to protect your phone.

Oh, and if 24ct Yellow Gold isn't your bag, Ten² also offer an 18ct Rose Gold option.

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