Get your living room kitted out for the World Cup 2018

From TVs to soundbars, this kit will make your home the hub for football fun

World Cup TV

The World Cup, held every four years, is so close that if you could kick a ball through time you’d hit it. But since all the action is happening way over in Russia, you may want to get setup to enjoy it from the comfort of home.

If you get the right kit at home you could set yourself up as the place all your mates come to enjoy the game. Yup, that makes it less hassle for you plus you can get them to bring the beers and snacks. So what do you need to create this football Mecca? Aside from a TV there’s sound to consider, comforts and more – read on to find the best of it all.

1. Get the best TV for sport

Watching sport on TV is a true test of the screen’s quality. The fast movements, and intense colours can mean lesser screens show up blurring and ghosting which distracts from the action. For the best picture you need to be sure you get the best TV for the job – and ideally the biggest for your budget too. So check the link to find what you need.

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2. Be immersed in the sound of the crowd

Big sound isn’t something many TVs come packing in their super thin shell these days. So a soundbar or soundbase is a great way to enhance that without taking up room, dangling cables or meaning an installation hassle. More sound means more crowd noise and clearer commentary so you can get lost in the games the way it should be done.

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3. Brew your own beer

If you’re going to host the World Cup games then what better way to put a personal touch on it than to brew your own beer? This might have once been a daunting task but now with modern tech there are plenty of ways to make it work, even for beginners.

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4. Keep cool through the excitement

A room full of cheering football fans in the height of summer is always going to get a little, ahem, clammy. So be sure to get in the right kit to keep cool. A fan will move the air around the room to keep stagnancy at bay so everyone can cheer all they need without worry about overheating.

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5. Play your own games

When the games end and everyone is still hungry for football it pays to have some footy games in to play. Multiplayer battles could even make for a fun drinking game. Yes, there are more than two football games, no really, take a look.

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6. Be a good 24-hour host

Post football revelries can go on late, and games can sometimes be shown at odd hours. A good host will always have somewhere for guests to get some shut eye. Do this without knackering your couch or taking up room with a bed by using these sofa bed options.

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