Get the iPhone you want without breaking the bank

How Vodafone can help you get the latest iPhones at the best prices

It’s a familiar feeling for iPhone fans: you want the latest, greatest iPhones, but you really don’t want to pay over the odds for one. Vodafone can help with that. Whether it’s cutting the up-front cost or ensuring that you can always upgrade whenever you want, it’s the best way to get the latest, greatest iPhones.

There are two key ways to make iPhones more affordable: you can reduce the amount you need to spend to get the latest iPhone in your hand, and you can ensure that when the next upgrade comes along you’re not locked into a contract that won’t let you upgrade.

Tricks of the trade-in

One of the simplest ways to save money on your new iPhone is to trade in your existing device. It’s much less stressful than trying to shift your phone on an auction site, and because you’re dealing with Vodafone you’ve got the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a company you know you can trust.

Trading in couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is tell Vodafone what device you’d like to trade in, and you’ll get an online quote straight away. Simply send your device in the supplied pack within 14 days and you’ll have the money in your account within 24 hours of approval*. That makes even the biggest iPhone much more affordable: if you buy your iPhone SIM-free you can then pick from a great selection of Vodafone SIM-only deals.

It’s Flexi-time!

Trade-ins aren’t the only way to get your hands on the latest iPhones. Vodafone’s Flexi-upgrades enable you to upgrade after just six months: no more waiting for your contract to expire before you can get your hands on the latest iOS device. 

Flexi-upgrades are available to Vodafone Pay Monthly customers with an Essentials, Red Extra or Red Entertainment plan, and if you sign up for any of those you’ll be eligible to upgrade in your very first year. As you’d expect, the upgrade fees get cheaper the longer you’ve had your contract – and the price is calculated daily to ensure you always pay the lowest amount possible.

If you’re thinking about getting your new iPhone on a pay monthly plan, it’s well worth considering a Red Entertainment plan: not only do you get the Flexi-upgrades whenever you want to replace your phone, but you can also get a free subscription to Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports Mobile or Now TV Entertainment. You also get 500 minutes of International calls and three months of Secure Net, which can keep you and your family safer online. 

Travel happier

You’ll be glad you chose Vodafone when it’s time to take your iPhone on holiday, because Vodafone is the best UK network for global roaming. Whichever bundle you choose, your home plan roams to 152 destinations worldwide, more than any other UK network, and you don’t need to worry about data charges if you’re streaming music, movies or football while travelling in Europe. 

It just works

Whether it’s streaming your favourite box sets, watching the football or listening to music, your iPhone is only as good as its network connection – and Vodafone offers a network satisfaction guarantee. Its network reaches more people and more places than ever before, delivering a super-fast connection wherever you take your iPhone.

Don’t just take our word for it. In annual tests by industry experts P3, Vodafone was the best network for voice in London, Belfast, Birmingham and Bristol – and it was best for data in Glasgow and Liverpool too. P3 found that throughout the UK, Vodafone is the most reliable network.

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* Subject to the condition of the device matching the condition entered when requesting a quote.

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