GEAR4 phone cases: Trusted Protection for a tough world

D3O technologies protect MMA fighters, extreme sportsmen and the military from impact-related injuries. Now GEAR4’s Trusted Protection cases use D3O to keep your gear safe from harm

As phones get more and more high-specced and high in price, the cost of damaging them can easily run into the hundreds. And if you live an active life, that risk is ever present. 

Enter Trusted Protection with D3O by GEAR4. D3O’s core technology applies non-Newtonian principles to materials which are engineered for shock absorption. What? You don’t know what that means? Okay, pay attention. 

Non-Newtonian materials stiffen on impact to dissipate impact energy and reduce transmitted force, before returning to their flexible state. The enhanced polymer chemistry used in D3O means low profile, advanced impact protection materials. 

That’s why it’s used to make low-profile, comfortable protective gear for everything from BMX to MotoGP racing to MMA, from military body armour to industrial workwear to American football helmet liners.

Now, it’s protecting your mobile electronics

D3O technology stiffens on impact. This absorbs the shock to protect your device.

In the past, protection from the fiercest impacts meant carrying your meticulously designed, beautifully finished phone in something resembling a cast iron briefcase, or a particularly unsuccessful Robot Wars entrant. 

However, D3O is not a bulky material. That means GEAR4 – currently the UK’s Number One Impact Protection Phone Case Brand, folks – is able to turn out discreet, attractive, slimline cases that look good, yet can stand up to extreme impacts.

Trusted Protection cases from GEAR4 are available for all Apple iPhones going back to the 5 (plus iPads) and all Samsung Galaxies from S6 to S8 (plus the A5). 

There are looks to suit all tastes and lifestyles, from the barely-there Piccadilly to the racily leather-clad Mayfair – very Emma Peel – to the executive's favourite, the Oxford (pictured), which has a clip-closure cover for the front of your phone, a fold-out stand to watch videos and slots for your credit cards.

You’d think this kind of smart protection wouldn’t come cheap but you’d be wrong. 

GEAR4 Trusted Protection cases start from £29.99 direct from GEAR4 or via Carphone Warehouse. It’s a tough world out there. Be safe.

D3O is a registered trademark

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