Garmin Lily fitness tracker is cheapest ever on Black Friday: should you get one?

The daintiest fitness tracker from Garmin hits lowest price ever on Black Friday, but is it a good investment in your health?

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We're inundated with the best Cyber Monday Garmin and Fitbit deals, with mere hours to go. It's not a problem, though; the more the merrier, as they say. However, it can feel overwhelming to scan through and pick a discount that's actually good for you. Is this Garmin Lily deal at Amazon worth your hard-earned money, for example?

• Buy Garmin Lily Sport Edition fitness tracker: was £179.99, now £129 at Amazon

The Lily is Garmin's attempt to soften its image as a hardcore running watch brand. Much like in the case of the Garmin Venu Sq, the Lily provides access to the wider Garmin ecosystem without making you look like someone who can't talk about anything else but the 5K they did after work the day before.

The Garmin Lily looks more like a Fitbit Versa 3 than a Garmin Forerunner 245, in a good sense, while tracking most of the stats the former does. Basically, you get the best of both worlds: dainty looks combined with accurate health data including respiration, blood oxygen (Pulse Ox), energy levels (Body Battery), menstrual cycle, pregnancy, hydration, all-day stress, sleep and heart rate

Garmin Lily Sport Edition: was £179.99, now £129 at Amazon

Garmin Lily Sport Edition: was £179.99, now £129 at Amazon
The small and stylish Lily tracks respiration, blood oxygen, energy levels, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, hydration, all-day stress, sleep and heart rate and has a myriad of sport modes including yoga, Pilates, cardio, mindful breathing and more. Now £50 off!

What you miss out on is built-in GPS, however, the Lily can use the phone's GPS as long as you have it on you while you're out on a run. The liquid crystal screen is also nothing to rave about, definitely not as pretty as the Garmin Venu 2, although that fitness tracker is pricier than the Lily so it might not be a fair comparison.

Considering its build quality and all the features it has to offer, £129 is a good price for the Lily, especially if you want an accurate fitness smartwatch wrapped around your wrist. If you're not too keen on accuracy and need built-in GPS, the Fitbit Versa 3 (Soft Gold/Thistle colourway) is £154.99 at Amazon right now.

For a cheaper option, the Huawei Watch Fit Elegant is £68.12 at Amazon and looks equally as dainty as the Lily. It is certainly not the most accurate watch, though. Alternatively, the Fitbit Charge 4 is also on offer on Black Friday, only £95 at the moment.

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