Corsair's customisable Bulldog PC case lets you build a 4K battlestation

Corsair’s new living room-friendly case provides liquid cooling for both the CPU and GPU

If you want a neat little PC which won't look out of place in your living room next to your 4K TV – and is powerful enough to drive high-end games on said television – then Corsair's incoming case is well worth considering.

The Corsair Bulldog was first announced earlier this summer, but the customisable PC chassis has been updated, with the company revealing new details at PAX Prime (as spotted by VR Zone).

This smart little case, which has plenty in the way of vents to keep the hardware inside cool, comes with a Corsair SF 600 PSU (a 600W model). There's also a Hydro Series H5 SF liquid CPU cooler and a mini-ITX Intel Z170 motherboard (the latest chipset which supports the new Skylake processors).

The idea is you simply plug in your own CPU, RAM (maximum 32GB) and graphics card. As for the latter, you can fit your own video card using Corsair's HG10 bracket and H55 liquid cooler, so you've got liquid cooling for both your CPU and GPU – and a quiet machine for the lounge.

Alternatively, for an easier route, Corsair has teamed up with MSI, with the latter producing a GTX 980 Ti graphics card which has been custom-made for the Bulldog with the bracket and cooling system already in place.

Corsair has also changed the design of the case, making it all-black and getting rid of the red trim, so it's a better fit for the living room in terms of aesthetics – the unit's feet have also been tucked more underneath the chassis, again for a better looking PC.

And it does look pretty smart indeed now, although it's not the smallest living room PC you'll see by any means – of course, that's because there's some beefy hardware to fit inside to ensure fluid 4K gaming.

The Corsair Bulldog will be out before Christmas and is priced at $399 (around £260), with the official UK price still to be confirmed.

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