Forget 4K: The UK still has 13,000 black and white TVs in use

Some think black and white is still alright

Over 13,000 households in the UK still tune in to monochrome televisions each night according to figures from the UK TV licencing authority

With a shedload of big-screen Ultra HD TVs revealed at this year's CES, the TV Licencing authority has released some surprising figures which show thousands of people still watch the box in black and white.

Figures released by the UK TV Licensing authority show that 13,202 black and white TV licenses are still in force across the UK.

Despite the fact that over 41% of the UK households now have HDTVs, there are still a surprising number of viewers that have turned their back on new technologies and instead opt to watch their TV in monochrome.

The reason, experts say, is that a black and white TV license can be picked up at around a third of the cost of a full colour license, which sets you back £145.50.

John Trenouth, a Television and Radio Technology Historian, said: “The continued use of black and white TV sets, despite the obstacles, is more likely to be driven by economics than by nostalgia. For low-income households the black and white licence fee is an attractive alternative to the full colour fee.”

According to figures, London is the top UK city for black and white TV, with 2,715 of the sets still in operation, whilst Birmingham and Manchester have around 500 each.