EV drivers in the UK can now charge easier thanks to Tesla

Tesla has opened up 25% of its network of Superchargers to non-Tesla drivers for the first time in the UK

Tesla Supercharger
(Image credit: Tesla)

Despite what you think of its cars, most electric vehicle drivers will admit to being jealous of Tesla's charging network. Tesla has the largest network of electric charging stations in the UK, including over 650 Superchargers, which offer either 150kW or 250kW charging. While these chargers have previously been exclusively for use by Tesla drivers, other EV drivers will now be allowed access. 

The Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot scheme has been running since November 2021 and has now been expanded to include the UK, Spain, Belgium, Sweden and Austria in addition to France, the Netherlands and Norway. There's no news yet on when (or if) this will come to the US or Australia. 

Drivers will need to use the Tesla app to connect to the network and have a CCS-enabled vehicle to be able to charge. Users can also pay a monthly fee to receive cheaper charging rates. 

Tesla App

The Tesla app is required for non-Tesla owners to charge at Supercharger locations

(Image credit: Tesla)

According to Electrifying.com, the average charging price for non-Tesla drivers is around £0.60 /kWh, while a £10.99 monthly fee sees the average fall to around £0.50 /kWh. Currently, only around 25% of the Superchargers are open to non-Tesla drivers (around 15 stations and 158 Superchargers) but that number is likely to increase over time. 

Tesla's network of chargers has been a huge part of its success and remains a huge draw for potential EV owners. Allowing all EV owners to use these chargers may annoy some Tesla die-hards but it strengthens the case for electric cars as a whole, which is good for everyone. 

The network of electric chargers in the UK is expanding rapidly thanks to the likes of Gridservie, Ionity and BP Pulse but it still has a long way to go if it wants to keep up with the demand. 

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