Ego ST1510E 38cm Cordless Line Trimmer revolutionises strimmers in two awesome ways

Power like petrol but with cordless convenience, and a self-winding cutting line

Ego Cordless 38cm Line Trimmer

Zim zimmer. Looking to buy a new strimmer? Ego’s Cordless 38cm Line Trimmer (the 38cm refers to the diameter of the cutting circle) has some tricks up its sleeve that make it the perfect choice. The Ego strimmer is cordless, but with the power of petrol… And here's an expert to tell you more about it.

Battery power

Ego's space-age-looking 56 volt lithium-ion batteries offer power comparable to petrol, with far greater versatility

The biggest leap forward in garden tools in recent times has been the rise of battery power. In fact it’s no exaggeration to say that high-power cordless electric tools such as Ego’s 38cm strimmer have revolutionised garden care. 

In the past, to get the best results meant using a petrol or corded electric tool. But Ego’s 56v power packs mean no more having to fill your tool with petrol and then be hated by your neighbours for the resultant noise and smell. Unlike corded electric tools, there’s also no need for lengthy and inconvenient extension cables, and no risk of electric shock if you’re careless. 

Ego’s, 56-volt rechargeable, lithium-ion power cells give you the necessary elbow grease, and the freedom to go anywhere in your garden. EGO rates its Power Plus batteries as the industry’s most technologically advanced, and they provide the same performance as a petrol powered product without any of the noise, fuss, fumes or carbon footprint.

Easy line loading

To load the cutting line just push a length into the eyelet…

The new Ego line trimmer is not just powerful, it’s smart. Those who have used strimmers for years, could find it nothing short of game changing when it comes to ease of use, because it removes the need for manual loading of the cutting line. 

…Then press this magic button

Yep, Ego’s patented Powerload trimmer head means no more line-winding by hand. If you’ve ever line trimmed before, you will know that hand winding the cutting line is a nightmare inside a world of pain, but Powerload solves it.  

All you have to do with the Ego strimmer is feed the line into an eyelet and hence through the head, make sure there's an equal length on each side, press the load button and watch the magic happen: the cutting line is wound on mechanically. You can then fine-tune with short button presses, and by hand.

Powerload winds much more efficiently than you can, which ensures the Ego’s bump feed works perfectly when spooling line back out. 

Ego 38cm Line Trimmer: features and spec

Power to trim on the go

• This Ego Line Trimmer boasts a true 38cm cutting circle with the world’s first automatically winding head. 

• Powerload enables the line to be threaded within seconds with zero hassle.

• The 56-volt lithium ion Power Plus battery and powerful brushless motor give performance comparable to a petrol strimmer with vastly greater convenience.

• The Power Plus battery can be recharged in as little as 20 minutes and will keep the strimmer going for up to 90 minutes. Ego’s Keep Cool tech means the battery works harder, for longer.

• Power Plus batteries can be used in all manner of other Ego garden tools, from blowers to mowers, chain saws to hedge trimmers.

• Find out more about the Ego 38cm cordless line Trimmer

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