The robots are coming (to clean your floors)

Why vacuum, sweep or mop when Ecovacs Deebot N8+ can do it all for you?

Ecovacs DEEBOT
(Image credit: Ecovacs)

Like most people, we really hate cleaning floors. Whether it’s vacuuming vinyl or mopping wood or tiles, it’s terribly tedious and we can think of a million things we’d rather be doing. And that’s why we love the Deebot N8+. It’s a super-smart robot that carefully cleans every kind of floor so you can get on with the fun stuff while it gets your floor surfaces sparkling.

Dust and dirt don’t stand a chance

Deebot N8+ isn’t like other robot cleaners. For starters, it’s incredibly powerful. Its high-tech brushless motor uses a fan design inspired by the tech in ultra-light laptops, spinning at up to 19,000RPM and effortlessly eliminating dust and dirt not just from surfaces but from the gaps between floorboards too. There are three suction modes, and Deebot N8+ automatically switches to the right one as required: 600pa, 1500pa and a mighty 2300pa for stubborn dirt and debris. 

Deebot N8+ is smart, too. It can tell the difference between different kinds of flooring and change its cleaning method accordingly, and when it’s mopping it will avoid carpeted areas completely. For hard floors, tiles and vinyl floors Deebot N8+ can vacuum and mop simultaneously, getting your floors incredibly clean incredibly quickly.

More cleaning. Less emptying

Deebot N8+’s precision micro-control water pump has four different water flow levels to ensure that your floors are never over- or under-watered in mopping mode, and its large, removable mopping pad and generous 240ml water tank it’ll happily clean even large areas without requiring a refill. Its microfibre mop pads absorb moisture evenly to deliver consistent cleaning and stain removal while reducing the likelihood of residual water stains on the ground.

And you can forget about endless trips to the dustbin, the bane of many robot vacuum owners’ lives. Deebot N8+ automatically empties itself and its 2.5L dust bag can store up to 30 days of dust and debris. That means you only need to dump the dust once a month – and when you do, the clever sliding door design on the bag means you can do it without creating an enormous cloud of dust. 

Effective cleaning, everywhere

The TrueMapping technology inside Deebot N8+ was originally developed for the aerospace industry and self-driving cars, and it uses precision lasers with millimetre-level object detection that’s much more accurate than the navigation tech in rival products. Its revolutionary dToF Laser Navigation creates more detailed and accurate maps of your home than rivals do, and it creates them in seconds: four times faster than rival systems with twice the detection distance. The result is a more efficient and more thorough cleaning experience. 

As Deebot N8+ cleans it regularly checks its battery. When power is running low it’ll automatically return to its docking station to charge, and when it’s fully charged it’ll return to where it left off to finish the job. 

Customise your cleaning regime

One of our favorite things about Deebot N8+ is its app, which enables you to monitor Deebot N8+’s activity and set the cleaning order – so you can get Deebot N8+ to clean the bedroom first and then mop the kitchen so there’s no possibility of kitchen stains making it into other rooms. It also enables you to update your Deebot when new features are added, and it’s compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for hands-free cleaning control.

Supreme cleaning for every home

With its multiple features, TrueMapping technology, powerful motor and smart home integration Deebot N8+ is at home in any home – and with its self-emptying system, generous water tank and large capacity dust bag it’ll keep your whole home clean without making a fuss. 

We know what you’re thinking. All this tech must come with a huge price tag. But we’ve saved the best news till last: Deebot N8+ is no more expensive than a modest laptop or a games console –and when you consider how much time and effort it’ll save you, that means it’s a brilliant bargain.

Click here to discover more about Deebot N8+, the robot that’ll keep your floors looking fantastic.

Click here to get your Deebot N8+ for just £483.58 between 26th August and 3rd September.

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