Don’t underestimate the power of VPS hosting

Why Virtual Private Servers are the perfect solution for your site

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could host your site on an enterprise-class platform without paying enterprise prices? That’s what VPS hosting delivers. Virtual Private Servers can bring you the power and performance of dedicated high-end systems at an incredibly affordable price.

Why virtual servers are incredible upgrades

From blogs to businesses, all kinds of sites start off by using shared hosting. It’s inexpensive, easy to set up and a great way to get started online, but there are some important limitations to what it can do. 

The most important of those limitations is that everything is shared. When you’re using a shared server you don’t have the control over its configuration that you have when you run your own machine. You can be affected by the other sites you’re sharing with – so for example if one of them experiences unusually increased load, their problem can make your own site slower.

Dedicated servers don’t have that problem, so they deliver very fast, very reliable performance – but that performance comes at a cost that can put dedicated hardware out of reach for many businesses. 

That’s where Virtual Private Servers come in. 

VPS hosting gives you many of the benefits of dedicated hardware for a fraction of the cost. You get 100% of the performance and 100% of the capacity, 100% of the time. The only thing that’s smaller is the price.

Why virtual servers will save you money

With dedicated servers you’re effectively hiring and managing a computer in your hosting provider’s data centre, which of course can be expensive. By running a virtual server instead, you can cut the costs considerably – and you don’t compromise on the stuff that matters: performance, power and reliability.

A Fasthosts Virtual Private Server is powered by Intel Xeon processors and super-fast SSD storage that leaves traditional hard disks spinning in the dust. Fasthosts VPS hosting also provides unlimited traffic and full root access to your virtual machine, giving you complete freedom to make changes to any file on the server and install server-wide applications. You can choose your preferred Windows or Linux operating system too.

Just as importantly, you get the incredible reliability that virtualisation provides. Instead of having everything on one piece of hardware, your virtual server is split over a cluster of multiple physical servers. This means there’s no single point of failure that could take your site down in the event of a hardware problem. If one part of the cluster fails or becomes unavailable, another part takes its place instantly.

This redundancy gives you exceptional reliability and peace of mind. A Fasthosts VPS guarantees an extraordinary 99.999% uptime thanks to state-of-the-art UK data centres, and 24/7 support means expert advice is available whenever you need it. 

Why virtual servers are made for big ideas

One of the most important benefits of virtual servers is that they’re scalable. You can add capacity and improve performance with the click of a button, so for example you might start with a relatively modest setup for testing and then go large when it’s time to go public. 

With dedicated servers, adding capacity means adding hardware. That’s expensive and can be time-consuming. With a VPS, it’s like turning on a tap. Whether you’re boosting capacity of an existing server or starting one from scratch, everything’s ready in a matter of minutes.

Why a Fasthosts VPS is your perfect platform

Fasthosts provides everything web professionals need to power and manage every aspect of their online space, and has been the hosting provider of choice for many of the UK’s best sites for more than 20 years. The company is based in the UK, where it operates 24/7 from dedicated, highly secure data centres, and constantly invests in innovative new products and services. 

Every day, businesses trust Fasthosts to ensure the smooth running of more than a million domains and over 300,000 websites across shared, dedicated and virtual servers. And when you see what a Fasthosts VPS can do for your business, we’re sure you’ll want to join them.

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