Did you back Oculus Rift on its original Kickstarter? Well, you might be getting a free headset

No, honestly. The team behind the Rift want to recognise a wave of early investors

As Oculus Rift draws ever closer to consumer release, excitement for the trendsetting VR headset is about to hit fever pitch - especially if you happened to back the project in its earliest crowdfunding campaign. For a select lucky few, a full Oculus Rift experience will be winging its way into their very prescient hands.

Announced at CES 2016, the gesture will see anyone who backed the campaign to receive a development kit (an open-ended version of the kit designed for use by developers) will have their order upgraded to full retail version at no extra charge. No really - if you backed Oculus back in 2012 you're getting the full experience, as well as full versions of EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky's Tale. Lucky, indeed.

As kind as the gesture may seem on the surface (and let's be honest that's a lot of people), those receiving an Oculus Rift Kickstarter Edition will also be doing the team behind Oculus a favour. If a user took the time to pre-order the headset when it was at it's most fantastical and unbelievable, thre's a good chance they're going to extol its virtues to the heavens. It's an expensive but no less clever marketing move on the part of Oculus.

For the rest of us, Oculus Rift will arrive later this year.

Via: Oculus

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