Best Black Friday standing desk deals and sales: what to expect in 2021

Our predictions for the best Black Friday standing desk sales and deals for this year's event

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Amongst this year's best Black Friday deals, we're keeping our fingers crossed for some strong Black Friday standing desk deals and sales. The Covid lockdowns have meant more people working from home, which has led to many realising the repercussions of a bad desk setup. In short, sitting slumped over your kitchen table all day long, with no lunchtime stroll or morning commute, on a dodgy hard-backed dining chair, won't do your back any favours in the longer term. 

Globally, searches for the best standing desk rose significantly in March 2020. If, so far, you've been struggling on with your current home setup, in hope of snapping up a bargain standing desk, or standing desk converter, in this year's holiday sales, we're here to help.

This article is dedicated to helping you find the best Black Friday standing desk sales in the 2021 event on 26 November. Because we're not quite there yet, at the moment we'll just be looking at our predictions for where the sales might be focused, but we'll also be updating this page with any Black Friday standing desk deals as soon as they go live. 

When will the Black Friday 2021 standing desk deals start?

Black Friday 2021 is on the 26 November, with Cyber Monday following on 29 November. That's the day to shop for the best Black Friday standing desk deals. However, over the past few years, we've seen retailers releasing their deals earlier and earlier, so it's worth browsing in the week running up to Black Friday, because you might be able to snap up an early offer and miss the rush and panic.  

Where will I find the best Black Friday standing desk deals in 2021?

There are a number of key brands and retailers to keep an eye on. Flexispot is a big 'un, as is Fully. We'd also expect there to be at least a handful of cheap standing desks amongst the Black Friday Amazon offerings. At the moment, the best thing to do is browse the main retailer links below for any deals live already.


This should be one of your first stops when it comes to hunting for a standing desk. Flexispot is a large company with warehouses all over the world, and specialises in ergonomic office products. Here, you'll find a huge range of options, including electric and manually adjustable desks, standing desk converters and standing desks designed specifically for gaming. There are even cycling desks. 


Another major name in the world of ergonomic office furniture, Fully boasts a wide range of standing desk options, from your standard options to standing desks designed for corner offices and ones for young people. The site is nicely designed and easy to browse, and Fully is B Corp certified, too, if you like to shop with a conscience. 


This retailer's remit is 'anything any everything to do with offices, and nestled amongst all those staplers and bulk-packs of paper, Ryman has quite an impressive selection of standing desks and standing desk converters. There are already a few price cuts in the mix, so this is a strong bet for some Black Friday standing desk deals come the end of November. 


You can buy pretty much anything from Amazon, and standing desks are no exception. Filtering the decent from the dodgy and scrolling past bad matches is a bit of a pain, but most of the big brands are represented here, and we know there'll be plenty of offers at this retail giant come Black Friday. 

Its tagline is 'Standing Desk Megastore', so you won't be surprised to find that this retailer has an absolute shedload of choice. It's not the nicest site to browse, but chances are you'll find what you've been looking for. 


Another general office and stationery retailer, Viking has a good selection of sit-stand desks to choose from, from a range of brands. We're keeping our fingers crossed for some decent standing desk Black Friday deals here.  


The brand behind the VariDesk, Vari is a sit-stand desk converter specialist. As well as a range of good quality desktop converters, you'll find accessories such as standing mats and monitor arms. 


Office Furniture Scene
Here you'll find all manner of luxury office furniture, including standing desks. There are no existing desk converters here, but there are a wide range of dedicated sit-stand desks, including round tables and double desks for larger offices. OFS is one of the higher-end options, with brands like HermanMiller, HAG and Humanscale represented. 

Where to shop standing desks in the US:


This brand specialises in ergonomic office furniture, including everything from foot rockers to lighting solutions to chairs. There's also a selection of sit-stand desks. The range might not be as expansive as larger warehouse-style retailers, but it looks thought out and high quality. 

You can get pretty much anything you want from Amazon, and that includes standing desks. A lot of the major brands are represented, but you'll also need to sift through dodgy-looking rip-off models. Will there be any Black Friday standing desk deals at this retail behemoth? We'll be keeping an eye out. 


Office Depot Office Max
Selling literally anything and everything you'd ever find in an office, it makes sense that Office Depot has a big old selection of standing desks and standing desk converters. The brand offers free next-business-day shipping on qualifying orders of $45 or more, plus the option of free store and curbside pickup in 20 minutes (double check it's valid on your chosen model if you do decide to buy). 


Will we see some standing desk bargains amongst this year's Walmart Black Friday deals? This retailer sells a wide selection of desks, and amongst them plenty of sit-stand solutions. Walmart is known for being competitively priced, and will also definitely be running a Black Friday sale, so this is definitely one to bookmark. 


This brand offers not just your standard standing desk designs, but a range of styles to fit in with different office shapes, sizes and decor. There are also fixed standing desks, if you're happy to commit to being on your feet the whole time. There are already some price drops live now, so we have our fingers crossed for some decent Black Friday standing desk deals come 26 November (or before). 

Office specialist Staples doesn't have millions of standing desks, but the selection it does offer represents a number of reliable brands and useful style options (for example, standing desk converters with integrated dual monitor stands). One to check out come Black Friday for sure.


If you've been looking at standing desks for a while, one of the brand names that might have popped up is Fellowes. This brand makes a selection of office-focused product, and that includes sit-stand desk converters.

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