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Let the robots do their thing and save up to 12 per cent on your tech!

Whether you want to deliver beatdowns as Batman or be a hero with a GoPro, getting your hands on the latest, greatest technology, media or games comes with a price - and that's, er, the price.

Whether you want to deliver beatdowns as Batman or be a hero with a GoPro, getting your hands on the latest, greatest technology, media or games comes with a price - and that's, er, the price.

We all know that the money you'll spend on must-have tech and media varies dramatically from place to place and site to site, but we also know that finding the best price can be enormously time-consuming and a little bit risky too.

Wouldn't it be great if you could pick the gadget, computer, game, toy or Blu-Ray you want to buy and send a robot off to find the best price? You'd get all the benefits without any of the hassle. Well now you can.

Beat My Price is a new service from bespoke offers that aims to get you up to 12% off *1 the price of video games, electronics, films and TV shows, and using it couldn't be simpler. You find the thing you want to buy on your favourite online emporium, you say “Pah! I'm not paying that! I reckon I could get it for, ooh, around 12% less!” and you paste the item's web link into the Beat My Price website. Once you've done that, all you need to do is click on the cunningly labelled Beat My Price button and you can go and do something else while the robots go and do their thing.

What the robots do is very simple and very useful: they toddle off to find you a better price, and they get back to you with a link within 48 hours via email (that's the maximum time: it's usually much, much faster than that)*2. Their target is to get you a 12% discount, and that applies to the total price - so there's no danger of seeing a fantastic deal that turns out to exclude VAT, to have twenty quid of delivery charges on top or to be an add-on item you can't order without having to also order something you don't want.

In practice the discounts could be even better than the stated 12%: when Richard from Wales challenged Beat My Price to get him a deal on a GoPro HERO4, he got it 15% cheaper than the best price he'd found; when Andrew from Wales wanted Batman: Arkham Knight for his PS4 he got it for 14% less than he expected; and when Conor from Scotland wanted a set of Sony's distinctive MDR-EX650 in-ear headphones he got a thumping 22% off the price.

No strings. No fees. No worries

You're probably wondering whether there's a catch. Nope. The service is completely free, and you can make up to five requests a day. The only thing to remember is that any Beat My Price discounts are time-limited, so when you get the email with its big saving you'll need to place your order within the specified time.

That's because Beat My Price isn't just wandering around the internet looking at any old websites: it isn't a search engine and it isn't a price comparison website. When you submit a link to Beat My Price it speaks to a carefully chosen selection of reputable suppliers who've agreed to offer discounts to Beat My Price users, and those discounts are only available for a very short period of time: for example, the merchant might have limited stock of that particular item, so when it's gone, it's gone. It's worth pointing out that you don't have to accept the offers: if you don't want to go ahead, you don't need to do anything: just let the offer expire, no strings attached.

There are certainly plenty of offers to choose from. At the time of writing Beat My Price is getting people money off iPads, smart Blu-Ray players, Dysons, wireless speakers and external hard disks. More practically, Beat My Price can't find you deals on personalised products such as devices with laser engraving, or on refurbished stock: items have to be brand new and from reputable suppliers. The supported categories are video games, electronics (from cameras to computers and all kinds of accessories), books, film, TV and toys and games.

Can you trust it?

The short answer is yes, and the long answer is yessssssss. Beat My Price is part of bespokeoffers.co.uk, which is owned by Barclaycard - so you can be sure your card details and your transactions will be safe and that there won't be any funny business. As it's a UK site dealing with UK retailers, you also have the full protection of consumer legislation, so if anything goes wrong with your order you're totally protected.

Whether you're looking for a gaming mouse or a GoPro, a PS4 game or a brand new PC, Beat My Price can uncover some really great deals and do all the legwork for you - so why not put it to the test and challenge it to save you money? All you need to do is head to bespokeoffers.co.uk, paste the address of the item you want to buy and let Beat My Price do the rest.

*1 3 out of 4 times we find a better price than the one found by the consumer.

*2 Personalised discount emailed to you within 48 hours. Limited time period to use discount, usually 12 hours. Shoppers are currently able to make up to five requests a day on Beat My Price.

Beat My Price is owned and operated by Barclaycard, whose conditions apply.

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