Awful battery on your iPhone? This official battery case will sort that

Apple has released its first ever official battery case for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6.

Battery cases for your phone are nothing new - but this official case for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 is one of the few that actually look good. And it should keep your latest iPhone battery in the green rather than dropping to black.

Low battery is the biggest problem for smartphones users the world over and this is the first official attempt from Apple at helping the problem.

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It looks as good as the company's official range of cases and slips over the top like other cases, but this time it's a little bulkier to fit in the battery.

Upping the battery

That said, it still looks nice and isn't going to damage your street cred all that much.

Apple hasn't announced the official specs for the battery element of the case, but it has said it will give an extra 25 hours talk time and an extra 18 hours on LTE internet.

You can buy the Smart Battery Case from the official Apple Store right now for £79.99 but you'll have to wait for shipping, or you can pick it up in an official store for the same price.