Avantek's travel-size White Noise Machine is your ticket to a blissful sleep, wherever you are

With 20 soothing sounds, you can pick and choose from non-looping white, pink and brown noise to help you get a restful night's sleep

Avantek white noise machine
(Image credit: Avantek)

Avantek describes its sleep aid as a ‘white noise machine’. And that’s true – in fact, it's right near the top of our pick of the best white noise machines around. If you're not in the know, a white noise machine creates blanket sounds designed to block out jarring background noises and help you sleep better at night.

But to call this Avantek product a white noise machine doesn’t really sum up the variety of sound effects it’s packing to helps you drown out the world’s many distractions. You see, though it’s often marketed as such, ‘white noise’ isn’t a catch-all term for ambient noise. Instead sound exists on a spectrum, the same as light does. White noise is a very specific sonic hue, combining every frequency the human ear can hear. Think of radio static. Avantek has five different white noise options. Plus six more fan noises, which are very similar.

It also has one pink noise recording. This also combines low and high frequencies like white noise, but has more power in its low notes, giving it more of a bass rumble. Research has linked this sound with better deep sleep and improved memory.

Then there’s brown noise. This sounds deeper still, but with more energy. Think of rolling thunder or a gushing waterfall. Avantek has eight sound that might be called brown noise: Ocean Waves, Rain, Wind, Stream, Birds, Campfire, Cricket and Clock. This vast library of sounds doesn’t loop either. So there are no jarring edits to risk rousing you from your slumber or breaking your concentrations.

Avantek white noise machine

(Image credit: Avantek)

You’re also given more control over how you use it. You can let the device play continuously, or set the timer to switch off any time between one and seven hours. And you can adjust exactly how loud you want it to be. So you can crank it as high as 115 dB, the same as a leafblower or rock concert. Or turn it right down to help put the baby to sleep. There’s also a headphone jack if you’re a fan of dropping off to rain sounds, but your bunk mate isn’t (pair with one of the best sleep headphones).

This £30/$30 device is also travel size. So you can be sure of a good night’s sleep wherever you go. And for added convenience, you can charge it using a USB cable (included) or a power adapter (not included).

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