Audi teases new ‘activesphere’ concept, an EV for skiers and golfers alike

Fourth electric 'sphere' concept to be fully revealed by Audi in January

Audi activesphere concept
(Image credit: Audi)

Audi has released a teaser image of a new electric concept car, due to be fully revealed at an event on 26 January.

Called the activesphere, the car is the fourth ‘sphere’ concept to come from Audi. Each car offers a glimpse of what the future of electric cars might look like. Described as an “electric crossover coupe” with “outstanding off-road performance,” the car is intended to appeal to lovers of outdoor activities.

Audi suggests how the car might appeal to fans of golfing, skiing and “challenging mountain roads”. To that end, the teaser image shows a car with skies fitted to the roof. Shown from above with little light, the image also shows a vehicle with broad shoulders, a panoramic roof, and illuminated Audi badges on the front and rear.

The car could well offer an alternative to the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, which takes the high performance Taycan electric coupe and adds an increased ride height, wheel arch reinforcement and a tougher, more outdoorsy demeanour.

The activesphere is the fourth such electric concept from Audi. Other members of the concept family include the skysphere, grandsphere and urbansphere.

Speaking of the activesphere, Audi says it “provides ultimate freedom and is the perfect companion for ambitious outdoor adventurers…the concept car combines extraordinary elegance with outstanding off-road performance [and] its communication technology creates a unique experience beyond the car itself.”

Audi doesn’t say what this entails, but will surely go into more detail at its ‘Celebration of Progress’ event scheduled for 26 January.

Alistair Charlton

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