Android App News: Google TV add iPhone streaming capabilities

AirTight Android app lands allowing for iPhone content streaming to Google TV devices

Google's struggling Google TV service has been given an added boost with a new Android app allowing iPhones to stream devices via AirPlay

Two of tech's biggest rivals Apple and Google have been brought together in relative harmony with a new Android application allowing iPhone users to remotely control their Google TV boxes from their handsets.

Syncing the two entertainment and media devices the newly launched AirTight app is available from the Android Market enabling iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad owners to stream content from their iOS devices to their Google TV connected televisions via Apple's AirPlay functionality.

Whilst the Google TV platform has failed to take off to its expected levels the arrival of the new Airplay enabling application shows promise of continued support for the internet connected TV with non-DRM movies easily ported from Apple's hugely popular portable devices.

Still in its infancy and without Apple sanctioning the AirTight app is missing a couple of key features with music streaming currently unavailable and mirroring yet to be added.

Have you snapped up a Google TV set already, would the introduction of Airplay compatibility enhance your user experience or tempt you into buying Google's television service? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: GeekyGadgets