Amazon's Fire TV Stick is now on sale for £35

Dirt cheap and stuffed full of features

Amazon has launched its latest streaming device, the Fire TV Stick which brings many of the features of the larger Fire TV box into a much more compact HDMI stick which you simply insert into the back of your TV.

Also included is a remote control, similar to the one with Fire TV, but lacking the voice control feature of the more expensive box. You can also get a free Amazon app which allows you to control the box from your phone, and that also includes the voice control feature.

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You'll need to power it too, and although it can be connected to a USB socket on your TV, Amazon advises against this and provides a power adaptor for you to connect to the wall. If you don't use this you get some warnings about a lack of power, which is alarming.

Amazon has also just released a firmware update for the Fire TV Stick which allows it to show information from the company's X-Ray service. If you've never used it, it's pretty clever because it allows you to see who is currently on screen, along with actor or character information. There is also access to IMDB's huge list of movie and TV trivia.

Inevitable comparisons with the Chromecast have been predicted too, and Amazon is keen to point out that the TV Stick has twice the memory of Chromecast, along with 8GB of storage for apps and games and a dual-core processor while Google's stick has just a single core.

If you're travelling too, there's good news because Fire TV has something called "captive portal support" which allows you to connect to hotel Wi-Fi connections and enter any login details you might need. That's pretty nifty actually, and might make this the ideal travel companion.

The Fire TV Stick is £35 from Amazon, and can also be bought in Argos, John Lewis and Tesco.