All I want for Christmas is a Wahl trimmer

A stylish and high quality home trimmer from Wahl, the barber’s favourite, makes the perfect gift for men

Wahl clippers for Xmas
(Image credit: Wahl)

If you’ve ever entered a barber shop at any point in your life you have almost certainly seen a Wahl clipper. In fact you’ve probably had one used on you. Wahl’s iconic trimmers are used in barbershops and hair salons all over the UK, so you can have every confidence that Wahl products are of the highest standard.

However, Wahl doesn’t only make clippers for professionals. It also applies all its expertise to its Stainless Steel home range of multigroomers, beard trimmers and face and body groomers. All its Stainless Steel products offer top performance, from the blades to the battery life.

The Wahl range looks great on your bathroom shelf, with stainless steel used throughout, and with 4 models to choose from there’s a trimmer for every need and every budget. They make ideal Christmas gifts for any man.

The Wahl Christmas range

Why a Wahl trimmer should be on your shopping list

1. Cutting-edge performance

With blade technology honed in professional settings, Wahl trimmers cut, edge and trim facial hair with ease. You can trim with one pass, even on longer beards, and shape your look with precise edges and details.

It’s no wonder that so many barbers use Wahl products – they give a great trim with minimal irritation and maximum flair.

The whole range has great battery life too, topping out at a massive 360 minutes for the 11-in-1 multigroomer – that’s up to 4 months of usage, for an average guy. If you’re running low on juice, a one-minute quick charge is enough for a complete shave, with a full recharge taking just 60 minutes.

Wahl trimmers are made to the highest quality standards. The brand uses only the most high precision blade-grinding technology, with ultra-fine teeth and ultra-sharp blades ensuring the best possible cutting performance. That’s reflected in Wahl offering a warranty of 5 years on its multigroomers.

Wahl christmas gift set

(Image credit: Wahl)

2. They look great too

Wahl trimmers don’t just perform amazingly for grooming, they also look incredible, from the chic matt black of the 11-in-1 to the statement flight case of the Gift Set. Wahl’s trimmers all come with a stylish metal stand in a matching colour, to proudly show off the trimmer, while minimising the amount of space it takes up. Oh, and the Face and Body Grooming Gift set even comes with beard oil to complete your look.

Wahl clippers for Xmas

(Image credit: Wahl)

3. They aren’t just for beards

The multigroomers give true head-to-toe, total body grooming. You can trim body hair, remove nose and ear hair, and even do full hair cuts. The range-topping 11-in-1 multigroomer is fully waterproof and so can be used in the shower, while others have rinseable heads.

With quality results, long life, smart looks and great versatility, Wahl trimmers are the perfect Christmas gift for any man – including yourself.

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