Alienware X51 compact gaming desktop PC launched

Small dimensions merged with typically insane Alienware specs

Alienware, resident boffins for all things ultra-hardcore in the gaming department have come up with an almost minimalist gaming PC, have they lost their touch?

Alienware have just announced their latest creation, a small form-factor gaming PC called the Alienware X51. Designed to meet the demands of those with slightly smaller budgets the X51 is a portable solution to the gaming desktop.

Of course those who were worried that Alienware had lost its touch can be reassured, the specs have remained suitably ludicrous. Inside its smaller shell Alienware have managed to cram a Intel Core i7 3.40GHz processor, which is then supported with a colossal 8GB of RAM.

In the graphics department they haven't exactly been stingy either, you get a 1GB DDR NVIDIA GeForce GTX 555 and to load all your games on there's the option of a 1TB hard drive as well.

To help you on your way you'll also get a mouse and keyboard and to assist in setting up your gaming temple there's Steam pre-loaded along with the legendary alternative-shooter, Portal.

So how much does this Pandora's Box of gaming mayhem cost? Well the X51 has landed with a starting price tag of £699 and goes up to £948, it comes without a monitor but of course with HDMI output you'll most likely want to hook it up to a HDTV.

Have Alienware managed to create the ultimate affordable gaming-PC? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Thomas Tamblyn

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