AI redesigns all 20 Premier League home kits, some are better than the real thing

What do you think of your team's shirt?

Liverpool v Luton 2023
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There's no doubt about it, generative AI will eventually creep into just about every aspect of our lives. But while some might it intrusive, creepy or even job-threatening, you can't help being a little awestruck on just how effective it can be in some areas.

It has already been used to design a new flavour of Coca-Cola (to disastrous effect, in my opinion), and will form the bedrock of a new Alexa experience going forward – to provide a digital assistant that really understands where you're coming from.

However, perhaps its most visually stunning use is in its ability to create designs and art from seemingly nothing but a few key phrases. Take this collection of Premier League football shirts, for example.

Football shirt collector Dan – Football Shirts FC (via SportBible) asked ChatGPT to design new home kits for all 20 2023/24 Premier League teams with some amazing results, which he posted on X (formerly Twitter).

In fact, many of them are better than the shirts currently worn in matches.

I particularly like the Manchester United one (which is tough to say as a Liverpool fan), but most wouldn't look out of place on the backs of players next year.

That's a sentiment echoed by some of the fans that have commented under his posts.

"I'd buy that Forest one," wrote @PaulEyezOnMe.

"Some bangers in there," added @anthskinner. While @gate_se7en thinks the designers at shirt manufacturers should be worried: "Bro, they all look better than current ones, designers are done," he posted.

Even the Wolves shirt that takes the name a little too literally has some real 90s motorcycle magazine vibes.

If your team isn't in the Premier League and you feel like you're missing out, Dan - Retro Shirts FC has followed up his original posts with one of the Championship. You can check out all 24 kits for the top division in the English Football League in the threads to his post below.

Let's hope he extends his AI skills to teams further down the football league pyramid too. We'll certainly be following his X account to find out.

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