3 reasons why you need a new Hotpoint oven or hob from AO right now

Future-proof your kitchen with Hotpoint’s innovative ovens and hobs from AO that make cleaning up easy as pie

Hotpoint kitchen appliances in use
(Image credit: Hotpoint)

Is your well-used oven on its way out? Have you been considering getting a new hob but don’t know which online shop you can trust? Your best bet is to get a new Hotpoint oven or hob from AO, the UK’s most trusted electrical retailer.

Hotpoint’s latest range of ovens and hobs uses thoughtful technology to help prevent cooking mishaps, from Multiflow technology that cooks evenly on every shelf to easy-to-clean hobs that prevent pans from boiling over. Here’s why you should count on Hotpoint to help you cook with confidence.

By shopping at AO, it isn’t just a product you get but a whole host of services for complete peace of mind, including myriads of delivery and finance options, a price match guarantee and more. Ready to make kitchen cleaning a breeze? Read on to find out more.

1. Shine you can count on with CleanProtect, the easiest to clean* hob using just water

Let’s say you spill some water/food on the hob despite your best efforts not to (or by not setting the appropriate My Menu function). Fear not, Hotpoint has you covered as your trusted partner, with thoughtful technology that shields the hob from halo and marks and makes cleaning easier than ever, with just water*

Hotpoint’s CleanProtect induction hobs have a special nano-coated surface, and allows you to wipe away any mess you’ve made. It’s not just hassle-free cleaning, but CleanProtect hobs can also help save you money.

Thanks to their unique coating, the latest Hotpoint hobs can be cleaned with just water and a microfibre cloth, saving you up to 6 bottles of detergent a year compared to Hotpoint’s non-coated standard hobs.**

Furthermore, the CleanProtect coating is five times more resistant to chipping, ensuring your new Hotpoint hob looks brand new even after years of frequent use. Check out the Hotpoint CleanProtect Induction Hob at AO that features both MyMenu and CleanProtect and costs less than £400!

Shop Hotpoint CleanProtect at AO.com.

Hotpoint kitchen appliances in use

(Image credit: Hotpoint)

2. Prevent cooking mishaps and keep distractions at bay with Hotpoint My Menu

We’ve all been there: the water starts boiling, you put the pasta in, and then you get distracted until the water starts simmering. Next thing you know, the starchy water is running down the side of the pan, making your hob an absolute mess. Worst still, you can’t turn off the hob, as the pasta still needs another 10-15 minutes until it’s cooked. What a mishap!

Hotpoint hobs with My Menu prevent this from ever happening again. My Menu’s four automated functions – Melting, Boiling, Keeping Warm, and Slow Cooking – can prevent pans from boiling over and food from sticking with the touch of a button.

Melting is perfect for delicate sauces and chocolate for cakes while Boiling can rapidly reach boiling point without spillages. As the name suggests, Keep Warm can maintain serving temperature, while Slow Cooking lets you gently cook food at low temperatures.

Shop Hotpoint MyMenu at AO.com.

3. Never clean your oven again with Hotpoint’s Pyrolytic Cleaning

Of all the dirt accumulating in a kitchen, oven grease is the worst. You might clean your sink daily and wipe your hob clean after cooking, but ovens sometimes get overlooked.

This won’t be the case with Hotpoint Ovens with Pyrolytic Cleaning. These clever kitchen appliances remove the dirt themselves, so you don't have to worry about scrubbing the walls of the food furnace ever again. The unique self-cleaning cycle safely locks the oven door and heats the oven to 470°C, burning off any fat and grease in the process.

Pyrolytic Cleaning saves both chemicals and time and leaves your oven looking new, simply dust away any residue once the cycle is complete.

Shop Hotpoint Pyrolytic Ovens at AO.com.

Why shop at AO?

AO.com has a well-earned reputation for being one of the top online shopping destinations for all things kitchen appliances, electronics, and more. On top of hundreds of thousands of glowing reviews, AO offers delivery when it suits you, with the option to choose time slots seven days a week, including next-day delivery (charges and geographical exclusions apply).

Plus, AO offers a Price Match guarantee, meaning if you find a product cheaper elsewhere, AO will match it. Better still, you can explore various pay methods with a range of ways to pay.

Finally, there are always incredible deals at AO! From smartwatches to washing machines, you can rest assured you’ll find a cheap offer on something you desire at AO. Shop online effortlessly and safely with AO.com.

*Compared to Hotpoint’s non-coated standard hobs

**Saving is calculated in a period of one year, considering 11.4 ml of generic degreaser – equivalent to six sprays – used eight times a week with a bottle capacity of 750 ml.


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