VAAST E/1 is a luxury urban ebike that’s born for adventure and rides with unparalleled smoothness

Think of it as a two-wheeled SUV with a unique suspension system

(Image credit: VAAST)

VAAST makes great bikes for every kind of rider. Now it’s taken its first step into the world of electric bikes, and its first ebike is something truly special: say hello to the VAAST E/1. 

Combining cutting-edge frame design and a class-leading Bosch drivetrain, the E/1 is born for adventure, and ready to take on everything that urban environments can throw at you. Its crowning glory is an astonishing new suspension system that lets you float over potholes and bumps, yet without leaving you feeling like you’re bobbing up and down, like a mountain bike’s suspension does.

Built for the discerning rider, VAAST E/1 is like the luxury SUV of the ebike world. Whether you’re commuting, shopping or adventuring, the E/1 won’t let you down. It’s also absolutely packed with innovations and tech. Let’s take a look at that…

NAILD R3ACT suspension: float without bobbing


(Image credit: VAAST)

The product of many years of research, NAILD R3ACT is a unique, proprietary suspension system that is decoupled from both your pedalling and the motor. The result of this is reduced vibrations, a smoother ride and protection from holes and bumps in the road, no matter how much cargo you may be carrying. And with front and rear racks1, you can carry plenty.

The really clever part is that the rear suspension suspends you, your cargo, the battery and the motor without changing the pedal-to-saddle height. As a result there’s no movement or bobbing as you ride – that’s a game changer. Testing shows vibration is reduced by as much as 20% compared to other suspension systems.

Bosch 4 Performance CX Drive: best-in-class battery and motor

Vaast E/1

(Image credit: Vaast)

Bosch makes the best ebike power systems, so naturally, VAAST has partnered with them to power the E/1. Specifically, the class-leading Bosch 4 Performance CX Drive is used, giving smooth, reliable power and speeds of up to 15.5mph or 25kph – the legal road limit in most states. Control is via the handlebar-mounted KIOX controller display. This provides all the ride info you need on a screen that’s easily visible in all lighting conditions, as well as Bluetooth connectivity that allows further adjustment of settings, and motor and battery software updates as ebike technology develops.

Hydroformed aluminum frame: innovative and practical


(Image credit: VAAST)

Made from hydroformed aluminium, the low-slung frame is easy to mount up and gives a relaxed riding position. To make the ride even more commuter-friendly there’s the option of a fully-enclosed drivetrain and a clean, near-silent carbon belt instead of the traditional chain. You can also opt for full mudguards to protect you in foul weather.

On standard ebikes, the Bosch PowerTube internal battery sits in the down tube. To help with the operation of the suspension system, it’s moved to the seat tube on the VAAST E/1.

Speaking of seats, the saddle height can be adjusted without needing a tool – that means it can be setup and ready to ride in seconds, and is especially useful if you share the bike with a loved one of a different height.

VAAST E/1: pricing and availability


(Image credit: VAAST)

The E/1 comes in three sizes and costs from $7,499. That’s for a model with Shimano SLX and XT components.

Want to spec up? The Envilio rear hub model has automatic gearing, front and rear racks, mudguards, and front and rear lights powered and controlled by the Bosch ebike system. This one costs $8,499.

The range-topping model comes with a 14-speed Rohloff rear hub which has a legendary reputation for reliability. The price: $9,999.

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