Stop manually cleaning your pool and use this cordless robotic pool cleaner instead

The Aiper Seagull Pro takes the hassle out of pool cleaning by providing pool owners with the most advanced features on the market

Aiper Seagull Plus
(Image credit: Aiper)

Having your own pool is a dream, but cleaning it can feel like a nightmare. Keeping it looking sparkling and clear needs regular maintenance, which can feel like a full-time job. Life is too short to manually clean the floor and walls of your pool. To help minimize the time, energy, and money spent labouring, Aiper designed the Seagull Pro cordless robotic pool cleaner to make pool maintenance easier than ever for all pool types and sizes. 

Thanks to the latest automated tech from Aiper, you never have to worry about having a dirty pool again. A robot pool cleaner can save you hours of hard scrubbing and let you relax and enjoy your summer. 

Standard pool cleaners require hoses and leads, making outdoor spaces look messy and disorganized, and the cords get in the way of the cleaning process. Totally cordless, the Seagull Pro features a sleek, hydrodynamic design that is engineered to systematically clean large pools up to 3,200 sq. ft. With a twist of a dial, it’s easy to transform a backyard into a personal oasis with the help of smarter cleaning solutions.

Aiper Seagull Plus

(Image credit: Aiper)

Cleaning power

Powerful, the Seagull Pro comes equipped with the world’s first-ever quad-motor system. With two motors on top of the robot and two on the bottom, it uses that powerful suction and four-wheel drive system to easily climb the walls of your pool without falling back down, allowing the brushes to sweep up the dirt. 

Rather than plotting a random journey through the pool, the Seagull Pro features patented WavePath™ Navigation Technology,  allowing it to set a path to ensure no part of the pool floor, walls or waterline is missed. Just turn it on and watch it go.

The robot also features a powerful double filtration system to trap dirt and debris inside the reusable nylon tray. This tray can then be easily removed, emptied and rinsed when the Seagull Pro returns to the edge of the pool using its auto-parking technology. It even comes with a retrieval hook to help lift the robot out of the water when it’s finished.

Aiper Seagull Pro

(Image credit: Aiper)

Ready, set go!

Easy to use, the Seagull Pro comes equipped with three different modes for cleaning the – pool floor only, wall only, and a mode for both.

Powered by a large-capacity lithium battery, the Seagull Pro has up to 3 hours of cleaning per charge and can be fully recharged again in a quick 1.5 hours. The dial even displays the battery level on the dial using four different colours, so you can easily monitor it from the poolside. 

This compact and stylish device is simple to use and provides perfect cleaning every time. The Seagull Pro is available from, Amazon and all good retailers, priced at $899.99. 

From now until August 31, use code “Sch260” at checkout on to get $260 off the Seagull Pro.

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