Stay close to everything that matters with Curve

Curve keeps you close to your most valuable things: people, pets and possessions

(Image credit: Vodafone)

Wouldn’t it be great if technology could keep us close to everything that matters? Imagine the peace of mind when you know where the kids are playing, where the family dog is hiding or where you parked the car. That’s what Vodafone’s brilliant Curve does. It’s a super-smart GPS tracker designed and connected by Vodafone, and it keeps you close to everything that’s important to you.

Even when you’re apart, you’re connected

Curve is really easy to use and really handy too. For example, you can clip your Curve to your child’s backpack when they go back to school or to their bike when they go out to play, and Curve will let you know they’re safe via the Vodafone Smart App. The kids can let you know if they need you by pressing the Quick Alert button to send a notification to your phone.

With Curve, you can also create Safe Zones of places you know and trust. If your child starts to move away from those safe spaces, Curve will tell you straight away. It’s a great way of balancing your child’s need for independence with your need to be sure they’re safe, and you can use the app to get the kids’ real-time location and see their location history too. If you don’t need that level of tracking you can change modes and get even more battery life out of your Curve. 

(Image credit: Vodafone)

Stay connected from a distance

Curve isn’t like other GPS trackers. Most of them only use Bluetooth, and while that’s great for finding the TV remote in your front room or your car keys in your house Bluetooth doesn’t have the range you need for outdoor spaces or large spaces such as shopping malls or airports. Curve is different. 

Curve uses Bluetooth too, so it’s still great for short-range tracking, but it also has GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular connections. That cellular connection has a clever bit of tech called a Smart SIM that connects to Vodafone’s global network – and because Vodafone works all over the world, so does your Curve. That means it’s a brilliant holiday companion too.

(Image credit: Vodafone)

Designed for your life

Curve is designed for life. It’s as light as a house key, tough enough to cope with even the most active kids, and it comes complete with a keyring so you can attach it to anything. We’ve already mentioned attaching it to a backpack but you could also put it on your car keys for when your teenager’s borrowing the car, on your dog’s collar when you’re going for an epic adventure, or you could give it to a loved one when you’re exploring somewhere new. Curve fits into your life, however you live it.

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