See how Abbey Road struck a chord with Philips OLED+

Incredible audio on TVs needed an iconic setting to match

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There’s a superb, lifelike quality to the new Philips OLED+ TVs and not just with the image. The flagship 984 and 934 models have exceptional audio quality out of the box, and were engineered with an incredible Bowers & Wilkins package built in. 

(Image credit: Philips)

A showstopping film for Philips, Let The Light In involves an Olympic gymnast showing off the drama of going from pure darkness into vivid, saturated light and colour. And it needed a score to match. So it was in Studio 2 of Abbey Road Studios, where The Beatles famously recorded, that a group of A-list session musicians were assembled. The bespoke composition creates tension and injects drama into the film, adding to the sense of visual contrast.

Market-leading sound

“It’s about letting the music unravel slowly and building this journey,” says co-composer Thomas Balmforth. Fellow co-composer Bob Bradley agrees: “You get goose bumps when you hear the music played in a place like this. We’re making sure the mix is really broad and wanted to show the full spectrum of what the TV has to offer.” 

Joint engineering with Bowers & Wilkins has resulted in market-leading sound from the TV’s built-in speaker enclosure (934 model) and sound system (984 model). Under a cathedral-like ceiling, the orchestra falls silent and you can hear a pin drop. Then the strings and grand piano strike up once again. Up in the mixing studio, each individual instrument is isolated and finely tuned. It’s particularly important for a TV audio package that delivers Dolby Atmos upfiring (934). And these real-life instruments are the ideal companion to superb, lifelike colour as offered by Philips.

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