Losing data can be a disaster. Do you have a recovery plan?

Why you need a cloud-based backup solution

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In an ideal world, storage drives would never fail, laptops would never get lost and your colleagues or kids would never accidentally delete anything important. But of course it isn’t an ideal world and digital disasters can and do happen daily. 

Some digital disasters are caused by human error and others are ‘acts of God’, but no matter the cause the end result is the same: whether it’s priceless photos or commercially crucial customer information, data loss can have catastrophic consequences.

Of course, you probably have a backup to reduce that risk somewhat. But if it’s not the right kind of backup and it isn’t stored in the right place, it might not be any help if you’re faced with your very own digital disaster.

The danger of data dinosaurs

The dinosaurs, we’re sure, felt pretty safe and secure right up until the moment when the meteor hit. It’s a similar story with local backup, even if you stick to a regular backup schedule. Backing up to external storage is a great idea, but if someone steals it along with your laptop, if malware spreads from your system to the backup drive, or if there’s a disaster that takes out all your computer kit, then you’ve lost not just your original data but the backups too.

This is where cloud-based backup comes in. By hosting your backups far from where you are, you can be sure that they’re safe from local problems such as fire, flood or other disasters – and if your chosen provider uses 256-bit AES encryption, personal password protection, SSL encryption and real-time AI-powered anti-ransomware technology like Fasthosts does, it’s an incredibly safe and secure way to store even the most delicate data. Advanced backup solutions even let you approve specific Wi-Fi networks for extra protection.

One of the biggest advantages of backing up to the cloud is that your data is available wherever you need it – so for example if you need to relocate because of a natural disaster or other serious problem, you can easily and quickly duplicate and access your data at your new location.

Set it and forget it

The right cloud backup service should do everything for you on all of your devices. Cloud Backup from Fasthosts is powered by the latest technology from leading backup specialist Acronis and works on over 20 platforms ranging from individual phones and laptops to entire servers and virtual machines. It supports Windows, Linux and Mac as well as enterprise-level platforms including MS Exchange, SQL Server and G Suite, and it’s completely customisable on a per-device basis: if you want to schedule backups of a full system including user permissions, apps and data on device A and of a single folder on device B, it’s simple to do so.

Fasthosts’ Cloud Backup also allows you to automate multiple scheduled backups or run backups on demand according to your needs, and it supports multiple backups from different systems and locations – something that’s particularly important for multi-site operations. It supports versioning too, making it easy to roll back changes if something has an unexpected or undesirable effect.

This is all thanks to the Cloud Backup self-service management portal that makes it easy to schedule, monitor and modify backups. From here it’s simple to download the backup agent – a lightweight piece of software – and install it on any device you need to back up. Then you can relax, safe in the knowledge that Cloud Backup is running automatically and protecting your data.  

Total recall

Fasthosts doesn’t just make it easy to get your data into the cloud. It makes it easy to get it back out again – something that isn’t always the case with other services. Cloud Backup enables you to recover full or partial backups not just to the same or similar hardware, but to completely different hardware too. 

As a leading web hosting provider, Fasthosts has over 20 years’ experience safeguarding many of the UK’s best websites and their data. Its ISO 27001-compliant data centres are highly secure and incredibly reliable thanks to best-in-class physical security. They’re also packed with the very latest hardware and maintained 24/7 by a team of advanced system engineers. Put simply, there’s no safer place for your data.

To find out how Fasthosts Cloud Backup can protect you from data disasters, visit fasthosts.co.uk or call 0808 1686 777.


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