Discover the washing machines and dryers that aren’t just superb, they’re sustainable

Prolong the life of your clothes and the planet with LG’s eco-friendly laundry heroes

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Nowadays, people shopping for a laundry appliance don’t just want clean clothes.  They want a washing machine and dryer that’s good for the planet. That doesn’t only mean reducing energy consumption – all modern laundry appliances should have big advantages over your old one when it comes to that department. It also means keeping your clothes good as new for as long as possible, thereby reducing waste that can impact the environment. Every year, a horrific £140 million worth of clothes are sent to landfill, according to Clothesaid. It’s a tragic waste that LG can help prevent.

Stylish and eco-friendly LG laundry appliances really care for your clothes, reducing fabric damage and fading – for instance, by washing at lower temperatures and using AI to tailor wash and dry cycles to the garments you’re cleaning. As a result, your favourite outfits last for longer so you can enjoy them at their best for years to come. LG’s appliances are also packed with clever innovations that will make your life easier. For instance, an average cycle in the LG F4V1112WTSA kills 99.9% of allergens on your clothing. 

Let’s take a look at three of LG’s best laundry machines and how, whilst taking care of the planet, they can keep your clothes looking beautiful for longer.

LG F4V1112WTSA washing machine

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EZDispenseTM Auto dosing This brilliant technology selects exactly the right amount of detergent for each wash. As a result, you get the perfect wash every time with no laundry liquid wasted. All you have to do is keep the detergent reservoir topped up and LG’s machine does the rest.

TurboWash 360º Going out this evening and got nothing to wear? We’ve all been there. With TurboWash 360º you can do a full laundry cycle in under 40 minutes.

AI DDTM LG’s drum movements and washing programmes are guided by artificial intelligence, based on the weight and softness of the clothes you put in. That means an optimal, protective wash for your garments that means they last longer and feel better against your skin. Thanks to AI, all this is done without any guess-work needed from you.

Smart Pairing Buy an LG tumble dryer as well and you can synchronise your appliances. The LG F4V1112WTSA sends cycle information to your LG dryer so it knows the right programme and time to use in order to get them perfectly dry. So, your clothes get the protection they need, and you get less stress from your latest laundry mission.

LG FDV1109W dryer

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Dual inverter heat pump This gently dries clothes using a low heat, so your favourite clothes are looked after, and shrinkage risk is greatly reduced. This type of dryer is also extremely energy efficient.

EcoHybridTM Giving you the best of both worlds, this technology allows you to dry clothes at a lower temperature, saving energy. However sometimes we just don’t have time for that. The FDV1109W can also dry your clothes quickly – a life-saver if you are in a hurry, especially when paired with the LG F4V1112WTSA washing machine’s Turbo 360º rapid wash cycle.

Auto Cleaning Condenser Lint is usually a bugbear of any tumble dryer but not this one! Here, powerful jets of air remove built-up lint, so your drier stays clean and fresh without any effort required from you.

LG S3WF Styler

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Able to clean even the most delicate fabrics, this steam wardrobe is the ultimate life-saver for your favourite clothes. Find out more about the Styler here.

TrueSteamTM Removing 99.9% of allergens from clothes using steam alone, this is Ideal for baby clothes, or anyone who has sensitive skin, and is approved by the British Allergy Foundation, no less.

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