Level up your photos, gaming, fitness and more with O2 Switch Up

Swap phones whenever it suits you – for any reason you like…

Female model using different phones to switch up every occasion, via O2 Switch Up
(Image credit: Andy Ford)

Do you suffer from phone envy? You’re not alone. Here at T3, we’re always looking for the latest, newest, hottest thing and nowhere is that more true than when it comes to phones. The onward march of technological progress means that even when we find The One – the perfect phone for us – there will always be something better along in a week, a month or a year. Definitely within a year in fact, as there will be a new version of that phone! 

Phones have never been more powerful and more essential to our lives. Whether you want to play arcade classics or AAA titles, show off your awesome camera skills on social media, or download a world of fitness apps, there’s a perfect phone for you.

As new shapes and designs of phones emerge – folding phones being the prime example – there are more superlative smartphones than ever to choose from. Choice is a great thing, but it can become overwhelming and leave you worried that you made the wrong decision when you picked your latest phone. 

Enter O2 Switch Up!

O2 Switch Up is an astonishing new idea from O2. It means you can change your phone whenever you want, to whatever you want – any phone that O2 sells is eligible – as often as you like, at no extra cost. 

O2 Switch Up is included in O2 Plus Plans and just £3.99 per month as a Bolt On for standard ones. All you have to do is sign up and switch up at will, simply by sauntering into your friendly, local O2 store. 

Level up your photography

Female model using different phones to switch up every occasion, via O2 Switch Up

You'll always have the premier camera phone

(Image credit: Andy Ford)

Even if you don’t know your bokeh from your f-stop, you’ll know that cameras are a feature every phone brand wants bragging rights for. With O2 Switch Up, you can endlessly upgrade your phone’s camera, just by switching up to the latest and best. Whether you want a wider lens, bigger zoom, more pixels or better image filtering, editing and processing, O2 Switch Up means you’re always on top of your photography game. Hey – looking good! 

Level up your fitness

Female model using different phones to switch up every occasion, via O2 Switch Up

You’ll have the phone that’s fittest for purpose

(Image credit: Andy Ford)

Everyone wants to get in shape and your phone can be a massive help with that. With the latest and best fitness apps for running, cycling, gymming and every other fitness-boosting activity under the sun, you’ll always have motivation and be able to track your progress. With O2 Switch Up you’ll always have what you need, whether that’s advanced waterproofing for a rainy-day 5K, super slim design so your gym style isn’t cramped or compatibility with the latest and best fitness watches and other accessories.

Level up your gaming

Female model using different phones to switch up every occasion, via O2 Switch Up

You’ll always have the winning gaming phone

(Image credit: Andy Ford)

Mobile games are not just for casual gamers any longer. There are some incredibly powerful titles out there, with billions of online players. Gaming makes special demands on phones but once again, O2 Switch Up can ensure you always have the ultimate phone for pixel-perfect gaming. As new phones emerge with longer battery life, faster connectivity, more RAM, greater storage and better, less laggy screens, O2 Switch Up will help you level up your mobile gaming. Literally.


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