It’s a great time to choose a laptop that won’t let you down

Get a laptop to love, not one to be lumbered with

We all do it. We keep on keeping on, ignoring the obvious. But we know when our laptop’s past it. The battery that’s heavier than a hippo can barely make it through a single iPlayer episode. Fixing photos is less fun than a day at the dentist. Gaming’s a grind, email takes an eternity and the fan’s noisier than anything you’re trying to watch on Netflix.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine a laptop that’s speedy, lightweight and with a long-lasting battery. A laptop to love, not one to be lumbered with. A laptop that delivers all the bang for not many bucks. A laptop that’s a joy to use even when you’re using it for serious stuff.

A laptop from John Lewis.

Why it’s time to treat yourself

Remember when phones were rubbish? We’ve come a long way since mobile phones were as big as bricks and didn’t know what the internet was. Laptop technology’s changed just as much in the last couple of years. Slow hard disks have been replaced by silent, speedy solid-state storage, just like in phones. Even the humblest models come with super-sharp high definition displays. Batteries are thinner, smaller and last much, much longer.

That’s had an amazing effect on pretty much everything. You can binge on box-sets on even the longest journeys without having to worry about the battery. Gaming is faster and more intense than ever before. Your family photos and favourite films look amazing on HD screens. Super-speedy processors make light work of even the toughest tasks.

If you got your laptop a few years ago, you probably had to compromise. If you wanted fast performance, you wouldn’t get great battery life. If you wanted a lightweight laptop, you couldn’t get a great screen. If you wanted a great all-rounder, it’d cost a packet.

That’s all changed. 

Today’s laptops can deliver everything you want without compromising or cutting corners. And with Windows 10 on board they’re friendlier, more flexible and more fun than ever before.

How to find your perfect partner

Buying laptops on the internet can be a real pain. Incomprehensible specifications, endless minor variations and tons of jargon make it really hard to compare different models. Will this one be better at photo or video editing than that one? Is a particular model tough enough for uni life, or fast enough for gaming? Can that one cope with commuting, or handle a long plane journey without running out of puff? That’s the stuff we want to know.

That’s why we like John Lewis so much. It’s not just the pleasant surroundings, the chance to actually get hands-on with the laptops and the lack of any hard sell. It’s not even the legendary customer service or the famous price promise. It’s the expertise of John Lewis’s partners, the people who help customers find the perfect product each and every time. 

They’re tech translators, people who pride themselves on finding the right products for every customer and every budget.

Knowing technology inside out means the partners can explain why the Dell Inspiron 5000’s full HD screen makes it really good for movies, and why its solid-state drive delivers really fast, incredibly quiet performance. They know that the HP 14-BS039NA might not have a snappy name but it’s a stunning laptop for work, studying and surfing alike. And they can show you how the Lenovo IdeaPad 120S doesn’t just look better than other ultra-affordable laptops but outperforms them too. 

And of course, no matter what you buy you have the peace of mind of knowing that John Lewis is Never Knowingly Undersold every day, even during sales. 

To find a laptop you’ll love, shop John Lewis' affordable range of fast, light-weight and long lasting laptops online – or visit your local John Lewis for expert partner advice.

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