iPad Pro 2019: release date, price, rumours, leaks and everything we know

The new iPad Pros have some big shoes to fill this year

iPad Pro 2018
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The 2018 iPad Pros marked a big step forward for Apple's series of tablets: the Home button and Touch ID were out, ultra-thin bezels and Face ID were in, and the distinction between the premium iPads and the rest of the iPad line became clearer than ever.

So the next question is, what is Apple going to do next? Rumours and speculation around a 2019 iPad Pro has already begun in earnest, and we've collected all the relevant news and tidbits right here. Read on for everything we know about the upcoming iPad Pros so far.

New iPad Pro 2019: release date and price

iPad Pro 2019

The iPad Pro 2018 launch.

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The redesigned, revamped iPad Pros appeared on the scene in October 2018, three years after Apple had first used the "iPad Pro" moniker. We've seen new iPad Pros of some description in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, though not always in the same month – so a 2019 launch seems likely.

With half the year gone it would seem a safe bet that the 2019 iPad Pro launch, if it's happening, is going to come later in the year. Remember we've already had a new iPad Air and iPad Mini launch in March 2019, so Apple will want to leave a bit of breathing room before unveiling more models.

We haven't heard any specific rumours about a launch date or indeed a price. Expect the starting prices of £769 / $799 (for the 11-inch model) and £969 / $999 (for the 12.9-inch model) to be carried over to the new tablets when Apple gets around to revealing them. With the iPad Air now on the scene (starting at £479 / $499), Apple probably feels it doesn't need to cut prices.

New iPad Pro 2019: design and hardware

iPad Pro 2019

The 2018 iPad Pro is a triumph of engineering.

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The 2018 iPad Pro was given a brand new look, and that makes us think that the 2019 iPad Pro isn't going to change too much in terms of design. You can expect the thin bezels and Face ID to be in evidence again, and there's been no indication that Apple will change the 12.9-inch and 11-inch screen sizes either.

Speaking of screens, one little whisper we have heard is that Apple could be planning to switch to OLED screens for its upcoming iPads, as part of a deal with Samsung. That would mean brighter colours, better contrast, and an all-round richer experience for the iPad Pro 2019 screen, provided Apple gets the configuration right (the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max also feature OLED displays).

As yet we've seen no leaked images of the iPad Pro 2019, which would suggest a big reveal is still some months away. Don't be surprised if all the upgrades for this year's iPad Pro are on the inside, and the tablet might also be available in exactly the same colours – silver and grey (there's no gold option as there is with the other iPads).

New iPad Pro 2019: specs and features

iPad Pro 2019

How can the 2018 iPad Pro be improved upon?

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As we know from WWDC 2019, Apple is spinning the brand new iPadOS out of iOS, so it can continue to add software features specific to its tablet series. When the 2019 iPad Pros arrive, they'll come with iPadOS – boasting improved multitasking, home screen widgets, advanced text gestures, and more.

When it comes to what's under the hood, a processor speed boost is a given for the very best tablet that Apple makes. The 2018 iPad Pros are super-fast devices of course, but the 2019 iPad Pros could be faster still. Meanwhile, there's a possibility the bottom 64GB storage option will get bumped to 128GB instead.

Rumours continue to swirl around when Apple is going to add 5G to its iPhones and iPads. The latest information we have is that 5G is coming to the iPad Pro line, but it's not going to arrive until 2021. The iPhone should get 5G earlier, in 2020, if the latest analyst predictions turn out to be correct.

New iPad Pro 2019: what we want to see

iPad Pro 2019

The next iPad Pros will come with iPadOS out of the box.

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Apple has managed to tick a lot of boxes with the 2018 iPad Pro and there aren't too many improvements we would want to request. A camera that sits flush with the back of the tablet? A smart keyboard that works better when folded against the back of the tablet (and can double as a stand)? These are small annoyances really.

Of course more power is always welcome but the current iPad Pros are powerful enough for just about every task anyway. What might be even better is an improvement on the battery life, which currently stands at up to 10 hours of web surfing or video watching. Improvements here aren't out of the question.

Overall though, we're expecting the 2019 iPad Pro models to be rather minor upgrades over what's come before. That doesn't mean that they won't be worth buying, just that they're going to look and run a lot like the 2018 iPad Pros (which may well stay on sale even after the new models come out).

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