Inside Lego's ace new London store - complete with instant Lego mosaic maker!

The world's biggest Lego store opens today - we went to check it out

Lego opens the doors of its new flagship UK store today and we've been inside a day early. Now it's time for you to check it out using the photo galleries below. 

Among the unique features are numerous London-centric bespoke models as well as a ‘Mosaic Maker’ machine which means you can buy your very own, one of a kind, personalised Lego mosaic portrait. 

The project to open the store started in late 2014 and the store itself took almost five months to build.  There are over five tonnes of Lego big build models displayed within the store, utilising a total of over 1.7 million bricks.

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Inside Lego Store Leicester Square

The bespoke Lego models and features

The awesome Mosaic Maker

What's on sale at Lego Store Leicester Square? 

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