I spent days building the Lego Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition and have zero regrets

This is a perfect luxury purchase for Harry Potter fans

Lego Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition
(Image credit: Lego)

If you're a Harry Potter fan and a Lego fan and have recently raided Gringotts Bank, then this kit - called the Lego Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition - is the first thing you should spend your Galleons on.

Aside from a Hogwarts acceptance letter on your 11th birthday, this set is probably the best thing that could land on a Harry Potter fan's doorstep.

I know I was certainly excited when the larger-than-anticipated box appeared at my front door (although, it was delivered by a courier called Mark rather than an owl). I couldn't wait to build it over a weekend, but it actually took much longer than expected...

Here's everything you need to know about the Lego Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition.

What is it?

It's an all-new 1:32-scale replica of the Hogwarts Express.

The set is part of the Collectors Edition, which means it's large, expensive, and made for adults (Lego suggests 18+).

A 1:32-scale replica? That sounds big...

The images don't really do its size justice, the Lego Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition is huge!

The finished set measures 118cm long, 26cm high, and 20cm wide.

It'll certainly fill a shelf... if your shelf measures around 118cm long and 20cm wide. 

All joking aside, whereas some giant Lego sets can be a little awkward to store and display, the Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition's shape and size makes it perfectly suited to being displayed on a shelf.

How many pieces are we talking?

The Lego Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition contains 5129 pieces in total.

Lego Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition

(Image credit: Lego)

Are the minifigs as well?

You bet there are minifigs! This Lego set actually includes no fewer than 20 mini-figures. 

You'll get familiar faces including Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger, as well as Professor Lupin, Ginny Weasley, and Draco Malfoy. You even get a Dementor and, of course, the Trolly Witch.

So it covers multiple films?

It does, thanks for asking. The set creatively recreates four classic scenes from the Harry Potter film series.

These include the moment when Harry, Ron and Hermione meet for the very first time; when Professor Lupin rescues Harry from a Dementor; Luna Lovegood saving Harry from Draco Malfoy; and the moment Harry’s son Albus Severus gets ready for his own magical adventure.

Lego Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition

(Image credit: Lego)

Did it take you long to make?

Yes, it actually took much longer than expected!

I usually like to get really stuck into a Lego set and complete it in a day or two, but the Lego Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition actually took me around a week.

That could be because I have a newborn at home so the days of focusing solely on playing with Lego are behind me, or it could have been because it was so much fun I didn't want it to end...

Either way, there are over 40 bags and four instruction books to complete, so there's a lot to get your teeth into.

Does it have a motor?

Unfortunately not, but the wheels do turn and the carriage compartments light up!

So the attention to detail is good?

The attention to detail is great, as you'd expect from such a large and expensive set. 

There are numerous little easter eggs, from Neville Longbottom's frog hiding in a cupboard to Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans cartons littering the floor. 

The stick-on Hogwarts Express graphics also look very realistic.

Ugh, I hate sitckers...

Yes, me too!

Luckily there aren't too many (and I have a patient wife who is much better at sticking them on than me).

On a serious note, though, considering the price of this set I'd have prefered to see custom printed blocks rather than stickers.

So you'll have it out on display?

Well... not exactly. A giant Lego train doesn't exactly fit in with my grown-up decor, but I do feel it's a shame to keep it out of sight.

I might display the train annually at Christmas - I feel like that's the perfect special occasion to revisit the magic of this set.

Lego Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition

(Image credit: Lego)

Okay, so how much does it cost and where can I get it?

Ah, you noticed I've made multiple references to it being expensive throughout this article? The Lego Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition is priced at £429.99 / US$499.99.

That is undeniably a lot of money, but if you love Lego and you love Harry Potter, I think this magical set is worth saving for.

It's available now from Lego's website (linked below).

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