Honor Play could be the perfect PUBG smartphone

Honor Play uses a technology called GPU Turbo to deliver astonishing gaming performance.

Fancy playing PUBG in 4D? With the Honor Play, you can. It uses multiple technologies to deliver a truly extraordinary gaming experience.

First up, there’s its incredible power. It uses a technology called GPU Turbo to deliver astonishing gaming performance. That means faster framerates, smoother graphics and more embarrassed enemies.

Immersive audio puts you right in the middle of everything. And haptic feedback means you feel every single shot.

Honor Play takes mobile gaming to the next level.

The power you need

Honor phones with GPU Turbo technology leave their rivals in the dust, and that includes their really, really expensive rivals.

Let’s get technical for a bit. GPU Turbo is a hardware-software integrated graphics processing acceleration technology. In plain English that means it optimises the phone’s system-on-a-chip to deliver vastly improved processing without an equivalent increase in temperatures. The benefits are dramatic. Graphics processing is up to 60% more efficient and energy consumption is down by up to 30%. That means more power, and more staying power.

It works! It really works!

When Gamebench tested GPU Turbo with Mobile Legends the frame rate rocketed from a very wobbly 54fps to a super-stable 59fps – “almost at the physical maximum of the display”. Gamebench noted the “rock-solid consistency”, and explained that it was “achieving performance gains without simply pumping up clock speeds and murdering the battery.”

With GPU Turbo off, the Honor 10 delivered 3.79 hours of expected gameplay time; with GPU Turbo on, the expected gameplay was 3.88 hours – and the energy cost per frame per second, which tells you exactly how much bang you’re getting from your battery buck, dropped from 16.6 to a tiny 15.3. That’s the complete opposite of what happens when phone firms try to push up the clock speeds: when they do that, the battery life really suffers.

What’s the difference? GPU Turbo isn’t whipping the processor and bellowing “Faster! Faster!” It’s making it more efficient.

GPU Turbo improves everything

You really notice the power of GPU Turbo in demanding games such as PUBG or sports where there’s a lot of things happening at once. But it’s not just about pushing polygons around as fast as possible, as important as that is. GPU Turbo also delivers better augmented reality and virtual reality, and games that use the GPU to power their artificially intelligent non-player characters reap the rewards too.

And of course, better battery life is good news for any kind of app, especially high definition video. Take the Honor Play, for example. Thanks to GPU Turbo you can use it to watch an entire season of your favourite TV show on a single charge.

Whether you’re a gamer or a box set binger – or like us, a bit of both – the Honor Play offers incredible performance for an incredibly low price. And if you’re already lucky enough to own a recent Honor smartphone, its GPU Turbo tech may be coming to your phone too. You can find out more about GPU Turbo here.

To discover how Honor Play delivers PUBG in 4D, click here.


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