Gaming accessories: Four of the best

Gaming gear that just makes everything better

The best accessories to make sure you have that edge whether you're at home or on the go

Ever longed for greater precision, improved tidiness and a larger dose of DayGlo plastic weapons from your digital fun? Strangely, you're not alone. Luckily, though, T3 has spent hours playing with the army of plastic gaming peripherals available and selected from the top table. Game face on…

1 Nyko Kinect Zoom
Motion-sensing games tend to demand a play area the size of an Aussie-rules pitch to function properly. But clip this atop Kinect and the range required is reduced by 40 per cent.
Price: £30
For: Xbox Kinect
Link: Nyko

2 ThinkGeek iCade
This garish but lovable retro cabinet turns the iPad from a powerful yet frustratingly controlsfree tablet into a willfully underpowered but tactile centre for nostalgic fun.
Price: £80
For: iPad
Link: Firebox

3 Razer Onza Tournament Edition
The perfect controller for fi rst-person shooters, this has dialtightened analogue sticks for precise control and two additional, assignable shoulder buttons.
Price: £50
For: PC or Xbox 360
Link: Razer

4 Vogel's TwistDock
Fed up with sealed Sixaxis controllers spontaneously running out of juice and wires ruining your lounge aesthetics? Let this charge your joypads while it tidies.
Price: £50
For: PS3
Link: Vogels

5 Apptoyz AppBlaster
Like the 3DS's Face Raiders but with 100 per cent more actual gun, this turns augmented reality iPhone games like Alien Attack into physical experiences, and you into a big kid. NSFW.
Price: £20
For: iPhone
Link: Red5