Forget Sonos Move, this is the portable multiroom speaker I would buy

The Audio Pro A15 is a better choice than the Sonos Move, here’s why

Sonos Move vs Audio Pro A15
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If you want a portable wireless speaker for your multiroom setup, the Sonos Move is an obvious choice, but I just tested out the Audio Pro A15 and actually, I think that’s a better deal. 

Both are undoubtedly two of the best wireless speakers with a built-in battery that you can buy, they'll let you take your music everywhere and anywhere if you're willing to carry them around. And you’re guaranteed excellent sound quality whichever you use.

They will both let you connect your devices via Bluetooth as well as over a Wi-Fi network so they also double up as some of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy.

Each one supports Apple AirPlay and Google Home. The Sonos Move also works with Amazon Alexa, which the Audio Pro A15 doesn't, but it will work with other Audio Pro multiroom devices.

In the Audio Pro A15 review I barely had anything bad to say about it which is why I think it's a fantastic buy. Between the two devices, it's a close competition but here's why I would still buy the Audio Pro A15 over the Sonos Move. 

Audio Pro A15 review: speaker on a white background

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It has a nicer design

Thanks to its Scandinavian roots, the Audio Pro A15 is the better choice for anyone who lives in a home with tidy modern decor and who doesn’t want their tech to disrupt that. 

You can buy it in either dark or light grey. The speaker is covered in mesh fabric with a brushed metal panel on the top so it’ll look sleek and stylish in the living room, kitchen or office. 

In the Sonos Move review, on the other hand, we called it 'the most luxe, water-resistant, rugged portable speaker'. And it is all of those things but the durable design is an eyesore. You can only buy it in black and it won’t blend in particularly well with your home, it very much screams ‘I’m a speaker’. 

You get wired connectivity

One of the most significant reasons why I would buy the Audio Pro A15 over the Sonos Move is the fact that you can hook up your devices that don’t have wireless connectivity, like a vinyl player, for example. 

It has a 3.5mm audio input on the back and to boost the sound, there’s even an output to plug in an extra subwoofer as well. Sonos Move doesn’t have either of these, it sticks to completely wireless connectivity . 

There 6 preset buttons

The Audio Pro A15 has 6 preset buttons on its top panel, giving you quick access to your favourite playlists, internet radio stations and other audio content. 

If you want to do that on the Sonos Move without reaching for your phone, you’ll have to use voice control. 

Arguably voice control is better because you get endless possibilities with a smart assistant, but neither the Google Assistant nor Amazon Alexa gets it right every time so buttons are likely to be quicker, easier and more reliable to use. 

The battery life is better

While there may only be a slight difference between the two devices, the battery life will last ever-so-slightly longer with the Audio Pro A15. 

You’ll get 11+ hours of music as opposed to 10 on the Sonos Move. When it comes down to it, that extra hour could make a lot of difference, especially if you’re hosting people at your home.   

It's more affordable

Available to buy directly from the Audio Pro website, the Audio Pro A15 costs £350 which is slightly cheaper than the Sonos Move, which costs £399. It’s not a huge difference but every little helps when it comes to the price tag.  

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